The snow and sun sprinkle

The snow and sun sprinkle, and the blue floor rolls its sleeves and loves the mountain. The pride of life is shared by Chinese friends. Plum Garden smoke curls up, and fragrant petals dance around the waterfall. Kiss the sky wide, laugh and dye the crisp wind, warm days melt. Xiangyou, Zhan Jiayu, will always be with you, and your honey will become crazy. After years of intoxication and comfort, the rainbow flies after the rain. Proud and gentle, they are in harmony, whine and urge flowers to bloom thousands of peaks. Lying lingering, sucking the flow of love, poetry falls back to the Goose. Plum red is flying, the subtle fragrance is melting, the powder haze surrounds me, and the cloud bank of the blue building loves the spring wind. My body and mind are intertwined with each other and love. With a wisp of fragrance, my body is in harmony with my soul, my ears and temples are touching each other, and I am unconsciously immersed in a brilliant fantasy, lingering and romantic in a beautiful fairyland that is enchanting and soul eroding. You are beautiful, gentle and considerate. You often listen to my heart voice and feel wonderful. You can't help but murmur and dance in the fragrant spring. You can happily stretch several sets of yoga moves in front of me, just like flying flowers and dancing clouds. You are full of love and pour out your body language to me. It is classical and avant-garde. With the music, you can fly and rain, and happiness fills my heart. The flowers are raining and the fragrance is blowing. With deep love for you, I am on the happiness route of Jiuchou Strategy. The world knows day and month. I love you with all my heart. The persistent love and revolutionary feelings radiate infinite vitality, echo the spirit of the world, be aware of the world, hold the celestial scripture, and live a sweet life in our Peach Blossom Garden. When we are doing everything, we can't help but feel passionate. The spring tide is surging, so you are shy and burn peach rosy clouds on your face. In the cold winter, the fire of love overflows on the heart bank. I can't help but have a torrent of words flying in my mind, just like the plum blossoms flying in the sky on the snowfield. The world is full of love and madness. You often dream of me, and your love and worry for me become the most beautiful scene and a terrible hazy dream. I dreamt that you were more romantic and joyful, but I also dreamt that I could not find you anywhere, and I was shocked and sweated all over. You often come to my dreams. Our love scenes are so fantastic and fascinating. Last night, I dreamt that you and I were in my hometown. I led you across the gully ridge and tangled in the butterfly dance and flower flying. The high mountains and flowing water there are flying at the foot of your embrace with me. The relatives and neighbors there are all envious of our hospitality. The childhood in the old house loaded me with you again, and our happy laughter overflowed the horizon, floating in the beautiful clouds of innocence. In the naughty season, I laugh at the reason why Qingfeng can't read. Those who underestimate our love are fools. No one should doubt the power of my love with you. As I said, when I have a 100% spiritual and physical love with you, love will be desperate. Now our reality shows that the happiness of love is not only 100%, but 1000%. When our love has a happy profit of one thousand percent, you and I dare to trample on the secular imprisonment and rules. No matter what ups and downs will happen in the future, I will never be discouraged, stop or fall down, because I will use a higher realm, deeper love and more investment costs to hold you tight and integrate with you. The sun is pure, so it shines. The snow lotus is pure, so it is spiritual. Our love is also pure and bright, illuminating every corner of life. It is the world's highest. The fusion of love between you and me is the combination of two things that are mutually connected. When we work together to build a perfect palace of love, it is the interdependence of life. Like mountains and rivers intertwined with vines and trees, we can look down on the past together, disdain the temptation and trap outside, and even be indifferent to fame and wealth. We should not want to be rich people. Our husband and wife enjoy themselves in the world of two people, It is enough to linger and enjoy the day and night. That night, the common people interfered with each other. Fortunately, our love broke in, so you suddenly became enlightened. We hugged each other and realized the truth of the world. We were able to calm the ups and downs in the bud, making our love full of long-term peace and happiness. Romantic snow, suddenly you walked in the snow and played with it. It was said to me that I would follow the snowflakes and walk with you hand in hand. Last night, you were lying on the bed, whispering with me. It was spring. I was lying on the grass with you, looking at each other and laughing with my hands and chin, my eyes rolling, making fun, shaking my feet happily and patting the waves leisurely. Flowers and clouds fly together with love. You and I love each other. With passion, we escape into the enchanting and brilliant world and become a pair of immortal couples, whirling and flying in the happy heaven. You are the immortal of the four seasons that I have been attached to all my life. No matter what happens, you will always be the destination of my heart. Let me go through the time tunnel and jump into the peerless immortal flower that you have bloomed for me. Let's enjoy the beautiful water year with you. I read my mother's kindness, but found that your virtue is very similar to my mother's. Now, you are the only one in the Heavenly Kingdom, my life's trust and dependence, and the future is full of hope. Tonight, flowers will fill my room, colorful balloons will beautify our beloved hut, stick to you, and I will put on new clothes like spring trees and green clothes, and the table will be piled with mountains of delicious food to share happiness with you. You feed my favorite chocolate cake, and I feed your favorite crystal love jelly. One and a half of us eat together, which represents love, and I support you to have a table of delicious food and a glass of romantic red wine. The shadow of the lotus candle flickers red, reflecting our blush and heartbeat, laughing heartily, and forgetting the world. One hundred years of life together, I will live in harmony with you, share the wind and rain, share the sweetness, live together, and take good care of your old age. My darling wife Yu, I respect you. I respect your deep love for me all my life. Let's drink to love! Tonight we sleep together! I hold your tender feelings, bathe in the overwhelming love you have given me, and walk happily with you in the Garden of Eden. I picked up a stream of rosy clouds, burning my love, ironing on your chest, flashing the divine light of love. I cut a willow warbler and weave it into our favorite plot, gently rippling your heart. I rolled a curtain of drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River, soaked in my love, and connected you to our beautiful dream in Fulin Gate. I blow a flute of water and ink, and the sunset smoke is filled with the bright fragrance of spring, which makes you linger on the lingering immortals of our Peach Blossom Garden

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