The snow falls without thread

The snow falls without thread, the pear flowers make the rain, the beautiful meeting, and the spring breeze. The light time is like water, and no one does not want to go out of the thorns of love. The thick honey of a relationship is just a deeper sorrow for loss, not a failure to keep the beautiful flowers; Because of the wind, because of the rain, because there are too many torture experience. I would like to spend my life together with you, but your shadow is thousands of miles away, with mountains and rivers separated. Walking alone in the cold wind, snowflakes are floating like a dream. I want to protect this life, and there should be no vows of eternal love. It is just a farewell oath, leaving a deep sadness for the love sickness in the years. The spring scenery is charming, the spring flowers are beautiful, and the steps of love are lost in the blooming spring scenery. Flowing water is merciless, and love letters are difficult to tell. In fact, water is washing the fallen fragrance and lost love. You left, and you went to the far end of the world. There was no news and no return date. The wild geese often fly. The autumn moon is reincarnated. The reapers take away the golden color of the season, leaving only the empty wilderness and scattered dreams. The sky is blue and the white clouds are light. Don't disturb the missing and comfort the lonely soul. Don't feel warm, drink a pot of old wine, burn your chest, and don't extinguish the journey of love. Listen to the whispers of the wind, listen to the tears of the rain, can't hear the voice of the call, can't get close to the distance of the heart. The bright moon is round, missing is thin, and always sleeps tired before dawn. The sun is bright, but it hurts like a needle. In fact, it is impossible to adjust your mood. Close the window lattice and let the darkness spread. For too long, too long alone, I still yearn for you in my heart. One day, you can suddenly appear, not let a heart soak in the cold abyss forever. The vast coast is being swallowed up by crazy waves, and the vast Liaoyuan is only a bunch of desert smoke. A traveler, will your life survive in this desolation? No, wait! And the gentle autumn wind and the bright sunset. You have gone far away, leaving behind a dream, a yearning day and night. There is no one who can travel through the storm for love all his life, and who can walk through the ferry of love in his heart, and who needs a reason for love to travel in pursuit. If you go away just to meet, it's better to cut off the original faith. You have gone away. Tears flow when you leave. That is the language of love. Thinking about the long journey, I can't help thinking about it. On the other side of the bank, flowers bloom, leaving empty memories, mountains and rivers meet, love gradually fades away, thinking ends love and hate. On the night when Ye Luo sleeps, he pulls out a letter filled with love, reads midnight, and touches the dawn. Sketch the chrysanthemum light, the fragrance is gentle, and you watch the condensed late autumn. The sky is blue, the clothes are scattered among the shadows, the chest is embroidered red, and the north wind blows old and bright. No words were sent, compromise was given to life, but love could not be put down. Maybe that is a permanent mess. You are halfway through it and will not settle down. It will become a suspense that draws people's hearts. The river of time flows gently, and the earthly beauty cannot last forever. If you have ever owned it, please cherish it. Maybe it's impossible to continue this life. Flower mud past, misty rain, limping, white hair blowing in the wind; True love, true love, how many graceful stories hurt. Come and go, go through your world, people who understand it obsessively go in and stop reading. In spring, the apricot flowers in the mountains are full of fragrance, just tasting the sour fruits. In the mottled memory of the ferry, yearning becomes a surging trend.

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