The song of spring

The song of spring

Wind up willow branches, cherry grass, spring in the walking smile, humming a long quiet song, planted, one after another youth bright melancholy and love.

In the quiet village, the sound of the collision between the excavator and the stone bothers the noisy people. Sitting in the yard, smelling the fragrance of flowers, the yard is the most cherry blossom, spring has opened, especially the fragrance, feel much more comfortable. But Grandma's laughter is obviously less these days. Her brow is always frowning, looking at the flowers or watching the video of her dancing in cheap dance shoes. I wonder, isn't grandma like these plants best? One day, my heart inexplicably irritable. Then a group of people came to the family, more than a dozen of them expropriated the land. They said that the yard hindered them from building roads, so they had to cut down the uncle. Grandma patted the table and lowered her face to disapprove. But at last, she agreed. Grandma walked back to the room angrily with heavy steps.

The next morning, grandma stood in the yard, staring at the flowers in the yard. Granny stroked the petals with her rough hand and forced her nose to let the wrinkles on her face spread. Granny whispered softly, as if singing a song. Soon the tree cutter came. Grandma lowered her head and closed her eyes. Every loud sound of tree cutting seemed to knock on Grandma's heart. She leaned on the door tired, slightly bent, wrinkled skin like a yellow leaf, inlaid in the door. I saw clearly that there was crystal in grandma's eyes. I walked slowly and called grandma gently. She looked up at me and began to talk to me. It turns out that my grandfather used to use cherry blossoms to tell his grandmother. Grandma's face a little bit more shy girl. I went to the stool and let her sit, listening to her quietly. But when grandma looked up and saw the uprooted root in the yard, she was sad again. For a moment, I felt that grandma was a lot older. From that day on, grandma's mind began to be unclear. She always forgot where she lived and many things about many people. But she always remembered her dancing in dance shoes, such as dancing in cheap tap dancing shoes, dancing in cheap ballet dance shoes, dancing in cheap jazz dancing shoes and dancing in cheap ballroom dance shoes................

Once grandma said to go for a walk. I didn't go together because I had too much homework. But very late, grandma did not go home, I ran downstairs in a hurry, shouting grandma. Grandma, the sky is not beautiful, it began to rain. On the other side of the street, I saw her with cherry blossoms from nowhere and who she was talking to. Her mouth was closed. Approaching, I heard her talking about the sweet past with cherry blossom. I sank my face, pursed my mouth, and looked at her discontentedly. But she didn't see me, just whispered "Jiaojiao". I was there, my heart twitched for a moment, and tears welled up in my eyes“ Jiaojiao loves cherry blossoms most. Grandma picked them for you... "She kept repeating. Although grandma doesn't remember whether I love cherry blossoms or not, she remembers me and the dances she danced in dancing shoes,  the cheap tap shoes dancing.Warm love surged into her heart.

The rain is falling, like a little song, singing into my heart

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