The sunset that day was beautiful

The sunset that day was beautiful, the weather was cool, and the flowers on both sides were very lively. Xiao Su walked back to the rental house alone, but still couldn't help crying. She doesn't know whether she feels too lonely, or too tired of life, or whether life is not satisfactory. She just doesn't want to look at the empty house alone, and don't want to see the bright future, and don't want to lament the passage of years. She was just very depressed, and then found that there was nowhere to tell. Nobody could understand. She called her boyfriend. He was having dinner, saying he was busy, and that he would call her later. Why did he talk to her in a social way. Xiao Su came back breathlessly and passed a leased land selling coal. She didn't like the dark feeling of coal, which was even more breathless. When she got home, she was shocked by the sudden knocks on the door. Her boyfriend came back once a week. At this time, no one else would come, but the knock on the door started again. Xiao Su summoned up the courage to ask "Who is it?"? "Landlord", the man outside the door was a little impatient. The landlord came in and copied the water meter, calculated the rent, and Xiao Su transferred the money to pay the rent. The landlord asked, "Ah Lan is not at home? Is he working overtime?" Well, he went out for a while. "Xiao Su never dared to tell strangers that she was almost alone at home. After the landlord left, Xiao Su made a pot of tea by herself and tasted it silently. It was already dark. After a while, she stood up and walked to the spacious but dilapidated balcony. The walls were mottled and some of them fell off. There were spider webs in the corner. Looking at a flower field in the distance, she gently decorated a mouthful of tea. Tea and books could calm her down. She seemed to hope that something would happen to break away from the tranquility, and that the tranquility would devour her. Although seeing each other again for a short time is better than getting married, he is tired of it and she is tired of it after two years of this kind of life. He couldn't give her a home there. After quarreling for two years, Xiao Su finally found the secret "He has a girlfriend" on his mobile phone. Su could not tell whether she was broken or relieved. The girlfriend was a girl who was secretly in love with Alan University. No one could tell who was the third party. Su quietly sent Alan back to work. In Lan's heart, Su loves herself very much and is safe with her; Ana made herself very excited, but she only joined him because she was lovelorn, and did not love herself as much as she did. Love is weighing and tangled in her heart, which makes Alan have no choice. The wind blew gently over her face, and Sue felt that her heart had been blown through and cold. It was also very dark. Xiao Su did not wait for the call from Ah Lan. She turned to the room and packed her luggage. She has left her job. She will leave early tomorrow morning. The ticket has been put in the safest place. She wants to go to Kunming, Lijiang, Dali and Shangri La, which she has been yearning for for a long time. She finally didn't have to worry about the future when they didn't have the money to buy a house and raise children. She always controlled the spending. She didn't have to think about anything. She just wants to take her luggage to the sunny place tomorrow. She doesn't plan to tell Lan. Maybe he will look for her all over the world. Maybe he will stay where he is, thinking that Xiao Su helped him make a decision. Late at night, Xiao Su finally received a message from Ah Lan, saying that she was too busy and forgot to reply. Xiao Su felt that it didn't matter anymore. Two months later, Xiao Su came back and found a job in another company. She began to make herself very busy. She also applied for an English training class in the evening. Her mind was constantly filled with English letters. Finally, there were not so many sad things before the blank. She gradually accepted the pursuit of one of her college classmates, who loved her very much and loved her when she was in college. Xiao Su knew that the boy classmate had a girlfriend. Soon after Xiao Su came to the company, the boy classmate broke up with his girlfriend. Xiao Su did not know why. On the street, Xiao Su met Ah Lan. Ah Lan begged Xiao Su to come back, saying that the rented house had not been returned and that she had been waiting for her. She was afraid that Xiao Su would not find him when she came back. She also said that she had left Ah Na, because he felt that Ah Na just depended on him and wanted to prove her charm to his ex boyfriend through him. Lan said that she could not live without Su, who calmly refused. Xiao Su thought, "People are always chasing after each other, and they are constantly treading on other people's routes. Finally, people selfishly want to choose someone who loves them more, but they don't want to love each other so much, and don't want to pay so much. She and Ah Lan just want to walk around the paper clip, along the path that each other has taken, but there will be no intersection!"

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