the vague figure in the dream is more and more distant

In the silent and cold night, the vague figure in the dream is more and more distant. Looking at you in your dream silently, vaguely vague memory, time dilutes the scene and misses the most beautiful scene - [Yu Shaokang]

It rained all the time that night, and it was hard to fall asleep. Because the reality was too cruel, I unconsciously walked into the dream again. I would rather go to the dream to find the beauty of quiet flowers and water than walk in the cruel reality. In the dream, tears were wet. Who made you tender, and who called your name at all costs after you turned around and left, and the ends of the world looked for your shadow? Only to hold you in the palm of my hand and protect my life.

After that sentence of the everlasting love, I never care whether outcome is sad or happy. Love is always something that can be met but not sought. Fate is so small in this materialistic world. What is true love and what is staying with each other? Maybe it is just a beautiful yearning in dreams. Standing quietly in the rain, I imagine your beautiful appearance in my heart, making a song to sweep the city, admiring a silk of love, and feeling a little drunk in the rain.

Walking alone in the cold street, what you stick to in your heart is no longer important, let yourself drift; You once said that life does not want to be disturbed by the secular world. It is clear for a long time. If it is not hurt by the secular world, how can it be so secluded? After all, what we have experienced will become the past, perhaps leaving a faint memory. Happiness is always far away, but we have never given up chasing it. Maybe one day we will all be unable to move. When you turn around, I will stand behind you and never leave.

When I was young, I always thought that when I made a wish on a meteor, my wish would come true. I looked up to see the rain and dew hitting my face in the sky to make myself more sober. People should come out of their dreams after all. Even though the reality is cruel and cold, I still need to be a positive person to move towards a better and happier world.

I touch my heart and ask myself where my heart loves you. Why is it beating so uneasily? The cold wind blows my face. I dare not think too much. If I think too much, I will lose myself. I am afraid I will never find myself again if I lose myself accidentally. I do not know when you will appear, nor do I know if you will stop. How I wish I could wait until you turn around. After all, love will be abandoned and yearning will grow crazily. If you turn around, it will be a lifetime.

You once asked me why I love you. I don't understand. It's not escape but really don't understand. I only know that you are happy, and I am also very happy. I am afraid I will remember every expression of you. People say that girls should be spoiled. Maybe I really don't understand romance, and I won't spoil girls. Only the words that seem powerless are true. Maybe I don't understand love and won't love. But I can only live in a dream through the veil of love, if I dream all my life, As long as you can turn around, even through the vicissitudes of life, until the flowers bloom and fall, I would like to stay with you.

How many people have been defeated by the word "love". The word "love" feels that time has passed quickly. You can't let it go in your heart. Think about the rain all over the sky as if I miss you all the time.

Maybe there has never been a beginning and ending, the dimly visible light, the silent night mixed with my love for you. It's hard to imagine the uneasiness in my heart. Maybe this life is not meant to be together, and the love in my heart will always be with me. I am still the one who cannot understand myself, and I dream with my love for you. In this life, I only love you

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