The wind flushed his cheeks and said excitedly

Since I was young, I didn't value love. I thought it was like a flash in the pan, a brilliant moment. Niulang and Zhinv, Qixi Magpie Bridge are just folk legends. So, as soon as I was 30, I never started a relationship.

At a friend's party, I met Feng for the first time. He wore a pair of black framed glasses and his shallow smile made me feel like a spring breeze. At that time, I didn't pay special attention to him, just an ordinary boy. Later, he showed his heart to me on WeChat. After careful consideration, I agreed to sign a love contract with him and spend three months getting to know each other. So I was not his girlfriend at that time.

I remember that on Qixi that year, the wind invited me to take a walk in the street. We strolled along the footpath. The whole city was full of romance, and lovers with roses could be seen everywhere. As I walked, I wondered: Will the wind send roses or invite me to a big meal? But I'm not his girlfriend yet! At this time, Feng suddenly said to me: It's almost time for dinner. Let's go to the supermarket to buy some pickles, and then come to your home for dinner? I nodded, feeling a little lost.

When we got home, we began to cook rice porridge, and then put a piece of pickle on it. After eating, he sat on the sofa and talked. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The wind cried out hurriedly: Xiaojia, go and open the door! I walked around the sofa and quickly walked to the door, but I was thinking: Why don't you open the door when you are closer to the door?

The moment I opened the door, I was stunned. A strange boy stood outside the door, holding roses in his hands. I counted nine flowers in total. The flowers were beautiful and implicit, with petals layered and slightly rolled down, dotted with stars, emitting a faint fragrance. The strange boy said gently: This is a gift from the wind. Take it quickly! At the age of 30, I did not immediately move. I took the roses and sat on the sofa again, which made me understand the intention of the wind to open the door.

The wind flushed his cheeks and said excitedly, "Qixi Festival is coming. I've thought about it and thought about it. What can I give you?"? In the end, I decided to give you a surprise, send you a gift, and then stay at your home for dinner, so that you can see the scene of sending flowers. The wind clenched my hand and continued to say: Xiaojia, I will send you nine roses for a long time every Qixi Festival.

I turned around and put the roses in front of the glass window. Tears could not help dropping into the flowers. My first bouquet of roses made me feel the mellow beauty and delicacy of love for the first time. I picked a petal and put it on the page, and began to cherish the most beautiful love in life.

Later, the roses in front of the window quietly left, but in the dust of my heart, fragrant roses bloomed until this year's Qixi Festival.

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