The world is the same, you are the same

Forgive me for being lonely, unable to speak, not good at making friends and not understanding explanation, but fortunately I met you and kept you carefully!

I admit that I am a duplicitous person. Occasionally, the more I care about, the more I can't say it! For example, you

Zhang Jiajia said, "I've been drunk too many times in the past ten years. Many people have changed around me, many dishes have been changed on the table, and a lot of wine has been sprinkled in the cup." We've all met a lot of people, a lot of bad people and cheap dance shoes !

Are there so many people around you?

Not passers-by, not lovers, lovers, lovers!

It's a friend, but it's not just a friend

I think I'm a person who can't be hacked by others for any reason. Of course, I said before I met you

Elegant manner and generous speech! I know you are a very cheerful girl, which is known to all who have known you for a long time. How cheerful is it? I don't think it can be described as cheerful. It's a little neurotic, at least when I was a child

I've known each other for 13 years. I knew each other in primary school and cheap tap dance shoes . Although I was a classmate at that time, I didn't have too many intersections! Later, I met again in middle school and became a classmate. Two of them were divided into the same class! I have to say, it's really fate! Or you're haunted!

After graduation, I came to work in Guangdong, and you continue to study. We have become classmates and friends from passers-by who don't know anyone, and now we can talk all over the world, serious nonsense.

You name me rhubarb! Although it annoys me every time I say so, I have nothing to do. Who makes me say you! What's more helpless is that now almost everyone knows the name rhubarb. They all call me that. I'm wang yishiying's name

The world keeps changing, when everything becomes familiar, and then familiar, become quiet, quiet, leave, leave, strange, strange, disappear, disappear, stranger! The world changes so fast that we don't know whether we will become passers-by in each other's lives in the future

Now, I am working and you are studying. Although we will contact occasionally, we just don't know whether we will be able to talk together like this in the future

The ancients said: there is no feast that never ends

If we are afraid of ending, should we refuse to start

But if I can choose, I will still choose to know you and ccheap tap shoes

I just want to say to you at the beginning: Hey, Hello! Instead of saying at the end: Hey, bye!

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