The world of dance stage

The world of dance stage

Dance Stage is a place for children to be happy because we can dance happily on the Dance Stage, enjoy the music and dance bring us joy. We can dance beautifully in the music of the Dance Stage and enjoy being a tap dance on the Dance Stage. We can dance in a bold manner, or with a soft and beautiful body, enjoy the joy of dancing with friends.

Dance Stage, this place makes me very happy, I can enjoy the joy with friends, go to enjoy freely. Once, I was awakened by my mother's shouting: "get up quickly, go dancing." I heard that I was as energetic as a pig, and immediately dressed up in a hurry, washed my face, ate breakfast, and ran to school immediately.

Why don't I go to school first and jump on Dance Stage for a while? Why am I so excited when I hear music? Hey, this is because every dance competition before will be delayed, let's play, as the saying goes, only music is not as good as all music, I go to school and play with classmates. As for why is the delay? Because I go to dance school, where mainly dance, sometimes even if I have to take other classes, but mainly dance classes. Of course, that's why I'm so excited when I hear music.

When I arrived at school, there were already many people coming, I secretly grabbed my tap dance shoes, walked to the center of the Dance Stage, bowed to the Dance Stage, and began my daily practice! In sweat and effort, I received more and more applause and became more confident. As long as I stood in the middle of the Dance Stage, I was king! The world is applauding me!

Dance Stage is a place to harvest joy, not only because of the temptation of applause, but also because of the beautiful music, children's faces have smiles, let the heat go away from the earth, let the world full of power.

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