There is a blue sky out the window

There is a blue sky out the window

Open the blinding curtain, you will find the blue sky outside the window.


The sky outside the window is gray, and there are many small dust floating in the sky, which is like nothing, and it is sloshing in the air“ Alas, I am upset that the day outside the window affects my mood, and I am very upset to pull the curtain.

The room was a little gloomy, and soon put into the study work. With the passage of time, the mood gradually fell down. The homework seemed to be a nail in the eyes, stabbed in the flesh, grabbed a piece of waste paper, knead it into a group, threw it on the ground, and kept muttering: how annoying.

The sister who entered the room was frightened by my action, and the naughty splash of soup in her hand was a little bit“ What's the matter? "Asked sister concerned:" if you are tired, take a rest. Put on those cheap dancing shoes and go out for a sport! "

I didn't say anything, stood up and walked to the window, trying to open the window to let it breathe. But when I just touched the curtain, I had a gloomy picture in my mind. I stopped and fell into a tangle: should I open it? If open, perhaps that gloomy day will affect my mood, but if there is blue sky outside the window? Maybe he can bring me a little clear and fresh. In this tangled psychology, open and open seem to entangle in my heart, hands on the curtain, not moving.

"Why not open it?" Sister immediately held the curtain by hand“ Don't... "She opened the curtain before the voice fell. My heart cluttered, and my subconscious eyes closed slightly. But when I open my eyes, I show a blue sky, a clear, leisurely white clouds floating through from time to time, dotted with the blue sky. Take a deep breath, so fresh. My mood suddenly improved, with my cheap tap dancing shoes to put into the blue sky.

"In fact, you always wrap yourself in the dark, curious and timid about the outside world. If you can think about the problem from another angle, if you can open the curtain in your heart, you will see different scenery and see the blue sky outside the window. Put on the dancing shoes to get a sound dance, you will be more comfortable! " My sister patted me on the shoulder and left the room.

I am all in a daze there, yes, I may have to think about the problem from another angle. If I don't think of this as boring and boring, it will be very interesting! Then I went to the desk and put myself into my study

Open the blinding curtain, you will find out the window there is blue sky, sky, very blue, very blue, put on your beloved tap dancing shoes to come a song, you will find that the heart will be very happy, very happy

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