There is blue sky outside the window

There is blue sky outside the window

It's also a cold winter. The wind outside the house is blowing away the only vitality of roadside trees. It's depressing the grass's head in the land again and again. It's disgusting to see the sky outside the window. The only thing that can comfort me is the dance competition on TV. Today is my friend's final. I gave him a pair of dance shoes in the hope that he can win the final.

At this time, going out has become the most annoying thing for me. In my opinion, the reason why I have winter vacation is that these weather conditions are not suitable for going out. Therefore, winter's "squatting at home" is the proper posture in this season. Unexpectedly, it seems that my parents think the same way, so they "run out of ammunition and food" at home. When the refrigerator is hungry, it's my turn to go to the supermarket. I saw my cheap dance shoes, some of which are broken. I can just buy a pair of cheap tap dancing shoes when I go to the supermarket, which is a reward for this trip.

I went to the supermarket against the wind. The wind in my hometown was always like this. When I came back, I always wanted to give me such a "warm" hug. On the way back, a steaming snack stand came into my sight. I felt that my fingers were not frozen to my own. How could I resist the temptation of a bowl of hot bean curd? He walked quickly to the stall and sat down.

The owner of the stall was a rural woman in her 40s and 50s. Her skin was brown and her hair was disordered and tied up with a green tendon of uneven thickness. She was wearing a tacky red apron, and the edge of it was white and faded. People didn't want to take another look at it. But the cheap dance shoes she sold attracted me, including cheap tap shoes, cheap jazz shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes and cheap ballet shoes, which I like, but I can only choose one pair of dance shoes, It's really tangled.

Go to the side of the stall, in selling flowers, I want to and Douhua“ Douhua big bowl five small bowl three, little students, which do you want? Sweet and salty? "“ Small bowl, sugar. " Unwilling to talk to her, he handed her five yuan in change. Watching her pick up the bigger bowl on the table and hit it in, I drank her: "didn't I say small bowl? Give you five dollars and you won't change it? Here's a hundred. Do you want to carry back the whole bucket of bean curd? " She was embarrassed to smile, changed a bowl and carried over. I'm very angry. Now these peddlers are so shameless. She must want to eat the beans after I've finished beating them, and then use it as an excuse not to change money.

Douhua arrived in front of me. Before I warmed my hands, my mobile phone rang. When I took my mobile phone, the bowl of Douhua was accidentally hit by my bag. Looking at the white flowers on the ground, I just want to cry without tears, but what can I do? I think I'm just unlucky. Just as I was about to walk out of the stall, the woman stopped me and said, "little classmate, it's a pity that I didn't eat the bowl just now. I'll give you this bowl." Looking back, I saw her hands and a bowl of bean curd, small bowl, put sugar.

I went back to my position and finished this bowl of Douhua with my head buried, but I felt that it was much warmer than the previous bowl of Douhua. The steaming fog polished my thick colored glasses, let me see the colorful world with a pair of clear and transparent eyes. Maybe I felt guilty because of my suspicions about her, not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't have the courage to take another look at her green rubber band and jujube apron.

The wind stopped, the sky was still so high, so far, so blue. This woman used her simplicity to clean the window in my heart, which is used to isolate people. Open the window, I found that the window is not like the imagination of the cold wind, but only a boundless blue sky.

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