There is no shortcut to growth

There is no shortcut to growth

There is no shortcut to anything. You must do it in a down-to-earth manner. The same is true on the road to growth. Taking shortcuts can only benefit for a while, but it can't benefit for a lifetime, and it won't let us grow into real towering trees.

I think diligence  and tap dance shoes is an important element on the way to growth. Without it, people will be lazy and do not know how to make progress. With diligence, mankind will develop and society will progress. Mr. Lu Xun once said, "great achievements are in direct proportion to hard work." It's really good. You'll get back as much as you pay. Beethoven's success is the fruit of his diligence. There was a man who lived in a small hotel. There was always water dripping from his roof, so he angrily asked the waiter, who told him that Beethoven did it. As soon as he heard this, his anger suddenly disappeared and he decided to go upstairs and have a look. He went upstairs and saw Beethoven practicing the piano diligently. There was a basin of cold water next to him. Beethoven immersed his hands in the water from time to time, and then continued to practice. The sound of the piano flowed into the man's heart like a clear spring. From then on, he no longer cared about the dripping water in the room. He understood that Beethoven became a well-known composer and pianist because Beethoven made efforts that common people didn't have, so that his music became a shining milestone in the history of music. In addition, Song Lian in ancient China had a poor family when she was young, but she was very fond of learning, and finally achieved success in her studies. The stories of great men have proved to us that only by working hard on the road of growth can we reap success.

If there is no shortcut on the road to growth, diligence is an important magic weapon and cheap tap dance shoes, then frustration is the driving force on the road to growth. We can't have a smooth road in life. We will always encounter unevenness. Maybe you will fall, maybe you will be injured, and setbacks will follow us. However, as a walker of life, if you choose to be strong, grow up in setbacks and mature in bearing, you should have the spirit of more setbacks and courage and dance with life. How can you see a rainbow without wind and rain? When Edison was doing an electrical experiment, the laboratory burned down, and thousands of test samples and extremely precious materials were turned into ashes. Although he was very sad, he did not fall down, but continued his research. He experimented with more than 7600 kinds of materials and more than 8000 experiments, and finally invented the electric lamp. It has made great contributions to our human science. Remember that growth requires setbacks.

The road of growth is an endless road. There is no shortcut to take. In this process, each of us has to experience. Therefore, we can't escape or give up. Only through hard work, experiencing setbacks and honing ourselves can we grow up. Many successful examples and many successful people have demonstrated this. Edison said genius = 1% talent + 99% sweat. It proves that there is no shortcut on the road and cheap dance shoes to growth. We need to work hard and persevere in the face of setbacks on the road to growth. On the contrary, those who dream of taking shortcuts all day will fall miserably. A few days ago, the legal channel on TV reported that several middle school students and young boys had no money to go to Internet cafes and play online games. In order to get money as soon as possible, they made an appointment to rob the gold store. As a result, they were caught and spent their youth in the iron window. In addition, some of our students always cheat in exams and make notes for their temporary results. As a result, they got their most real results in a strict and formal exam and failed to enter the ideal middle school. Like this "young people don't know how to study early, white heads regret reading late". Those who want to gain without making efforts deceive others and themselves. There are also those who fear difficulties in the face of setbacks, which can be found everywhere in life. How can we not remember the lessons of the past?

How can a tree be deeply rooted in the soil without wind and rain; A person, do not experience the baptism of setbacks, how can he open the flowers of life. Friends, please remember: there is no shortcut to growth. Only diligence and courage in the face of setbacks are the golden key to success.

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