This encounter creates a dream

This is a very wonderful day. This encounter is the departure of my destiny and the starting point of children's dreams.

I think I am a true portrayal of this reincarnation of fate. A long time ago, when I was still in junior high school, I first came into contact with the team of going to the countryside for three times. In those days, I was like the children sitting under my podium now, full of longing and wonder for the outside, and the original little teachers made me what I am now, and today we have achieved others' dreams.

Dear Shiqiao, dear children, in ten days, I will take away the smile you gave me and the beauty you gave me. And do we leave you anything like the dreams that the little teachers left me?

She said, "teacher, teacher, I also want to go to your school in the future."

When I heard it, my heart stirred up a wave. I still remember that when we first met, you stuck out a small head at the door and peeked at us; You pretended to be cold when you made eye contact with us. In fact, you were so shy that you turned around and ran away with a smile; When we were lecturing, you stood up straight and stared at us with your eyes wide open; When you encounter something you don't know, you ask us for help with a helpless expression; You tell us your name in that kind of soft voice; You will have many magical skills that can buy our hearts in an instant... When we meet, you will change your shyness and greet us like friends who have known each other for more than ten years. You will run to the door of our dormitory to peek at whether the teachers get up, and then think you are very quiet and stop your companions. Don't talk loudly to disturb the teacher's rest. Across the door, we all laughed.

Before meeting them, I was extremely envious of others and compared their practice base with me. When I stood on the podium and taught them painting, I found that we were the most needed group here, and how honored it should be for those who could come here. I think I will still remember the first lesson called "teacher" in my life for a long time to come. I am proud of how proud and how inferior I am. I am proud of having so many eyes looking at me and looking forward to me. That kind of eager eyes will make me very grateful for the education I have received and the world I have seen. It allows me to stand on this podium today and experience the charm of this podium. And I'm very ashamed of myself who didn't pay much attention to normal education courses and thought I would be a competent teacher in the future. Although sometimes you are so naughty that I hate my teeth itch, when you look at my eyes and open your mouth, revealing the teeth without small front teeth, I really think that the most beautiful thing in the world is just like this. I really want to hold the best things in the world in front of you. When I saw you carrying your schoolbag into this school in the morning, but we just struggled to wake up from sleep; When I know that the class bell here is when the teachers look at the time and knock the bell by themselves; When I saw more than one test paper written by the teacher himself, when I heard a primary school student in grade one say that her PE teacher also taught them to draw, and that she was still the Chinese teacher of grade two students, I thought I came here right. Here, you have set off my teacher's dream.

I want to give back to you the educational resources that the society has given me. I want to pass on to you the hope that my little teachers left me in those years. I look forward to your dream of growing into a towering tree and standing tall in the wind and rain in the future. I look forward to you coming to me with big steps without changing your original intention, and then, just like I met you, to meet the next group of you, bring them beauty and hope, Water their dreams.

Dear, my teacher's dream starts on you, and your dream sprouts on us. I hope this reincarnation can never stop. In the future, I am waiting for you to complete your reincarnation.

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