This is a true story

This is a true story, which took place in China Civil Aviation Flight Academy. One is a prospective pilot, the other is a prospective air hostess. He made a promise to the blue sky that she would look for the happy legend of one meter sunshine in the sunshine of Lijiang. They had an appointment to fly the Happiness.

On the day when love was burning, happiness had a 180 degree reversal. He said, forget the past. Suddenly, I left without saying a word and heard nothing.

She frantically searched for him, but could not find him. He had no reason to be so unfeeling that she couldn't figure it out.

A grass ring was hidden under her pillow every night. His words were still in his ears. He put on a grass ring and said that he would not leave.

However, she did not know that he was suffering from the purgatory of life, who was missing him every day

On Thursday, April 8, I felt sick recently. I covered two quilts last night and still felt extremely cold.

On Sunday, April 21, it turned out that it was true to be worried, and I always thought that this was just the usual exaggeration of writers. There is also a film on the tongue. At noon, I went to a small restaurant with Qingping to eat fried food. I found that no matter what I put in my mouth, it had no taste.

On May 7, Sunday, Qingping went home and I went to the hospital for an examination: the maximum blood pressure reached 200, and the indexes of red blood cells were only 1/3 of those of normal people. The doctor said that the problem might be very serious, and my dream of pilot might end. How can I fulfill my promise to Qingping?

On Monday, May 21, she resolutely refused to tell Qingping. I hurt, she will hurt more than me. I will not tell anyone about my illness.

On Sunday, August 1, the doctor said that even if someone gave me a healthy kidney, even if there was a lot of money at home, my life was still full of variables. Fate, I would rather die when I crashed in the air than die like this now. What's more, Qingping, how can I tell you and tell you that we have no happiness number

On Tuesday, August 3, if there is no tomorrow, how can I say goodbye to you? Duckweed

Late one night half a month later, he had a high fever. Confused, he took his mother's hand and pointed to a diary at the bedside: Mom, my son will leave four years later, please give this diary to a person. On the first page of the diary, after her address and name were mentioned, he closed his young eyes to see the blue sky forever.

According to his son's will, four years later, the white haired old mother came to Chengdu from Hainan with her diary to find the girl in her diary, Qingping.

Seeing the yellowing diary, Qingping feels like a world away. As the page of the life and death message turns over, all the mysteries are solved instantly. He has never changed. He has always been an infatuated teenager who thinks about life and death day and night.

She could not help crying, trembling all over, could not bear to read, and could not help reading. She fell into deep self reproach, immersed in the past time, and did not think about food and tea, accompanied by daily emaciation.

Until she woke up in a dream one night, she vaguely saw his face, the face in the dark, and he told her that this state was what he did not want to see in heaven.

She woke up with a start, jumped out of bed, turned to the last page of her diary, and saw a pencil drawing a plane with the following words:. Yes, whether it's cold or hot, it's better to live. Living a good life is his deep trust in heaven.

No pain, no love.

Two years later, she married a pilot. Qingming, already pregnant, came to Hainan with her lover. In a cemetery on the outskirts of Sanya, she told her husband this long love story. Then, she burned the six year old grass ring. She told him in tears that I would remember your words, live well, live vividly, live cheerfully, and cherish every day of life.

Love me, please love life.

The love hidden in everyday time will slowly wash the white silk of love. No matter what kind of sewage in the world, it will not black this tender and beautiful love fleeting time.

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