This summer, the agreement with Shiqiao

On June 30, I embarked on a ten day teaching trip with my partners from the Huakai midsummer practice team. In these ten days of teaching life, my impression of Shiqiao has changed from being at a loss and at a loss to enjoying it and enjoying it.

On the first day of coming to Shiqiao, we had a close contact with Yanyu. In the haze, we vaguely packed our bags and tidied up our housekeeping. This strange and unknown is just like the first impression Shiqiao gave me, a blank but full of expectations for the future. That night, I stayed up all night. I lay on the floor listening to cicadas, listening to swallows sorting out their nests, looking out the window at the dawn, and enjoying the quiet beauty of Shiqiao away from the noise of the market alone.

The villagers here work at sunrise and rest at sunrise. Even the crowing of chickens is very early and regular. The children came to school with their schoolbags on their backs before seven o'clock, and the chattering added vitality to the primary school. Every morning, I will be awakened by those voices belonging to Shiqiao, which remind me to cheer up in the new day. My subject is music. Before formal teaching, I was very worried about what songs to teach, what interesting ways to attract them to take classes seriously, and how to ensure that they all learned. After my first class, I found that I should not only consider my own teaching problems, but also the problems of children in class. I still remember in the first class, there was a contradiction among the girls in grade three. The students brought the bad mood after the contradiction to the class. I asked them to sit together in a circle, but they were protested. Some of them said they didn't want to surround, some didn't like sitting close to boys, and some didn't participate in classroom interaction at all. After this class, there was great confusion. I also reflected on myself. It turned out that I still thought teaching too simple. Although the first class was not so successful and I was a little frustrated, it still gave me some lessons to adjust myself and carry out classroom interaction.

After a few days, I gradually get used to the life here. I'm used to taking them to sing about their childhood in every class. I'm used to working on the news every night after 12 o'clock. I'm used to protesting when it's time to eat. I'm used to participating in the class of each class and taking photos for them. But the only one who is not used to it is the first "teacher Zhu". The first person to call my teacher was a sixth grade student. She came to me to teach her musical instruments. She told me that she would perform at the graduation ceremony the next day, hoping that I could teach her an instrument to perform at the ceremony. At that time, I felt that some of my skills could bring great help to others. Being a teacher is also the same. Teaching students a sense of responsibility is a professional ethics that every teacher must have. In this way, the two of US practiced our musical instruments all night in the stairwell of the dormitory, relying on the flickering incandescent light. I experienced the happiness of being a teacher for the first time.

Towards the end of supporting education, both teachers and students are working hard for the final literary and artistic performance. The relationship with students is getting closer and closer, but the happy time is always so short, and the intimate contact with them can only stay in these ten days. The memory of ten days of teaching support, whether it is joy or sorrow, sadness or sadness, trouble or pleasure, will be dusty in the impression of Shiqiao.

On the day of the end of the art show, several students asked me, teacher, will you come back to teach us? I was silent for a long time and said, I will come back to see you again. Don't worry. This summer, I left an agreement with Shiqiao.

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