Those days, we will never go back

Looking through some photos of people's roommates in the University, I suddenly miss the days together at that time. No matter sadness or joy, worry or conflict, it is memorable. In the twinkling of an eye, it has been more than half a year. In the past four years, from acquaintance to acquaintance to the establishment of deep friendship, everything is as it is and let it go. Unfortunately, today's people can only outline the past from the yellowing photos, reciting the smiling faces they have learned and the little things they have been together in the past four years. At that moment, people know that there are some beautiful memories, about life, about friendship, about that picture, but people can't go back.

Friendship still exists, but life can't go back. The days are passing away day by day, but time can't go backwards. Looking back is the memory and facing the fickleness of being. I believe that many people who have just graduated probably have such feelings. I vaguely remember that in the year of graduation, a senior who had left school once said when talking with people that he admired people very much. When he returned to college, he wanted to get together with those who studied urban fiction. At that time, people really didn't want to understand, and they were still thinking about it. Isn't it four years? Isn't that graduation? It's not that you won't see it in the future. Now, I still have the same feeling with that senior. It's hard to see if I don't see it, and it's like saying goodbye to each other, isn't it?

Reading is like roommates thousands of miles apart. They are busy with their own survival, looking for their own destiny and planning their own lives. Where is there time to meet in leisure. Suddenly feel that the photo is a good thing. It can freeze frame the picture, freeze frame the memory, and importantly, it can store the past, including feelings. Despite the ups and downs of life, white clouds and dogs can still find the traces of yesterday, who and who walked through.

People and roommates are now in danger. It seems that in addition to friendship, there is also the distance between time and space. How far do people get together? Really only thousands of miles? Or will it add the twists and turns of years? Memory will gradually fade with time, but friendship will become more and more profound with time. People often read a circle that people once surrounded, a circle that only belongs to people, the emotion touched with their fingertips, and the expectation with a smile.

Whose face is flushed by makeup and whose inch knot is scattered by fireworks? Seeing all the remaining flowers in Luoyang fly away, the spring breeze is easy to leave, but the feeling is difficult. The wine jar is filled with thousands of thoughts. Looking at the old moss and green from a distance, the anvil and pestle knock the moon in the deep lane. If you want to fall, old things are like autumn. The setting sun, the residual glow, the flying yesterday, the light smoke, the old trees, the chilly desolation, the flying red shadow, a little white grass and red leaves.

Youth will go, the flowering season is not over, and now there are only lights to enjoy the moon. Look at the thoughts dancing in the starry sky, like the silk thread in people's hands, spreading bit by bit. Distant roommates, how are you? The clean night is always bleak. If we can retreat from the past, will people still hold those tight now?

The rain is cold and muddy, but from time to time, the valley wind does not blow disorderly. The melancholy clouds and the moon accompany each other and outline a song of time. People are broken winged red butterflies, cruising in the mortal world, close and apart. That city, you have no one, the common village, has lost people's voice. Those images record the passage of time and people's waving goodbye. Gunfire surged all over the sky, impacting people's stay in campus novels. People's peers, like morning flowers, attacked and withered, waiting for the old to disperse and gather in a hurry.

The last heavy encounter is the departure of another Lord. The mutual respect of that Lord is the mutual defense of another Lord. But misty rain, those days, people can never go back. People can see each other, but they can no longer work together hand in hand on the same eaves. People can continue the past, but they can no longer stand side by side for four years. Some will be cherished only when they lose. Only when they learn to cherish can they remember the past. It is a passing cloud and can not be scattered.

Miss you, not just feelings; Miss you, not just memories; In the future, let people's hearts together and move towards the last Dao heart.

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