Those friends who get along day and night

When a friend came to visit, as soon as he entered the door, he pointed to the spider web on the windowsill and said: it's better to live on the first floor. Not only the grounding gas, but also those spiders are his friends who get along day and night!

What a word to wake up the dreamer. In my spare time, I took a careful look at my windowsill. On the North windowsill, there are ants crawling leisurely, wolves and spiders dancing their furry feet; The South windowsill is full of lush potted plants, attracting bees, butterflies and unknown little black insects. A snail lies on the flowerpot and doesn't move.

Ah! My home has never been so lively. I'm so happy. I really don't know what to entertain these friends.

In the past, I always thought that a good drinker must have friends who often drink; A charitable person must have friends who are charitable and kind-hearted; A person who stresses Jianghu loyalty must have a group of Jianghu friends. But how many friends often accompany you? As the saying goes, friends have been together for a long time, there is always a time of difference.

That year, in the south, I met Yong. As we headed south alone, we soon became inseparable friends. In order to find a better job, Yong changed jobs frequently. I also went in and out of the two factories, but we kept in touch and got together every once in a while. We all cherish this friendship. Until one day, Yong went home to get a wife and have children, we gradually broke off contact. Now, the only thing that accompanies me is a pot of Gladiolus that Yong gave me when he left. For more than ten years, this pot of Gladiolus has never left me and is still in full bloom on my windowsill.

Today, I changed the definition of friend. Holding the heart of making friends with spiders, snails, ants, butterflies and bees, I heard a bee buzzing with me; See a butterfly invite me to dance; I also allowed an ant to climb into my palm and shake hands with me. It turned out that I was so lucky to have so many friends with me day and night.

At night, a bug circled around the lamp. When tired, it stopped on my page. I think this friend is so cute. She knows I'm tired of reading and wants to talk with me. I believe that she is the most ordinary friend and the most sincere friend. She has never refused to make friends with me.

For a moment, I felt that this lonely night was not lonely. In fact, in our lives, we have never lacked friends. What we lack is a heart to make friends with all life.

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