Time in the dance room

Time in the dance room

On Friday night, I can go to the dance room nearby to watch the dance. Being in the dance room is like swimming in the dance. But dancing in the dance room is like fighting a guerrilla war, because the dance room will always drive out our guests who often patronize but seldom organize. Therefore, every time I go to the dance room, I have to move myself and practice dancing in an unnoticed corner.

Today, I came to the dance room as usual. As soon as I walk into the dance room, I quietly move a stool to the corner of the stage to practice my favorite tap dance. I try to practice tap dance in the corner. As soon as the music starts, I am immersed in the world of tap dancing. With the music, I put on my favorite tap dance shoes. In the corner, with the rhythm of music, I dance the dancing!

After a song, tasting such a delicious "feast", I can't help smacking my mouth, raising my head, rubbing my swollen eyes and wringing my sour neck. "Ouch" my leg how so itchy, look down, mom, the foot is not small knock touched. Holding the "big red envelope" full of legs, I can't help but hate the way: Damn corner, but listening to the next dance music, the unfinished dance, I once again full of interest, dancing with the dance music.

People walk in front of me from time to time, but they can't make me stop dancing. Let those who come and go become the accompaniment of my dance!

Dance, my best friend. The time in the dance room always gives me a long memory. Every time, I always practice other dances in the dance room to rest, from tap dance, jazz dance, Latin dance to cha cha cha dance. Every time, it always intoxicates me and makes me enjoy it!

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