Time, you wait for me

The breeze blew through my hair, and I sat quietly under the Luan tree browsing magazines.

One, two, a few small petals with faint fragrance fall on the tip of my nose and eyelashes. I looked up and looked around. Ah, Luan flowers are blooming! The clumps, clumps of yellow elves adorned with dark brown branches, like a golden umbrella. Miss Qiu drew the petals very carefully, dark yellow, light yellow, green... Until the end is white, not careless at all. The tree trunk stood with its back, quite like a little soldier in a green hat.

I looked at Luan tree carefully, and I couldn't help but have a few ripples in my heart. When the flowers bloomed last year, didn't I stand here and watch it? Time is like running water. It can't be pulled. In a flash, it's the autumn of another year. It seems that the last flower bloomed yesterday. Time doesn't wait. Today, I stood at the starting line of grade 5. Last time, I caught the Luan flower petals at the starting point of grade 4.

From toddler to vigorous, from flat short hair to long hair and waist, ten years! Just like ten minutes, time, you are too fast!

Time, please wait for me, wait for me to smell Luan flowers, bring knowledge and wisdom, let's go together!

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