To be in middle age and to love

To be in middle age and to love

Only when we enter middle age can we understand what is indifferent. The heart is as quiet as a stream of water in the afternoon, not a small LAN.

In middle age, there is no dispute of winning in the past. Smile calm, who is tall and low is far away.

Enter middle age, just want to see quietly, quietly think.

Some of the past, in front of it seems to be the story of others. Some people have forgotten the past if they are not mentioned from others' mouths. Gradually let go of the heart, gradually abandon the emotion. Apart from children, parents are worried, but also do not know who is the heart of the flow.

Years passed, is the best deletion agent. The river of time rounded corners and crushed the branches. The fine sand on the edge of the water was once a rock, and it was too high to climb. In the desert plain, who knows if there is a mountain? Life is just a flick of fingers. Middle age only has a close experience after half of the time.

In middle age, the closest thing is nature. Can you tell you whether it is a scenery or a scenery. The rise and fall of the scenery tells you that the plants and trees have flowers and flowers, and people have life and death. Come to nature, go to safety. Floating clouds have a comfortable roll, with the wind, life is also the world of smoke and cloud. I see the scenery, the scenery looks at me. A voice reverberated in the ear: Bodhisattva is not a tree, and the mirror is not a stage. There was nothing, where to get dust.

Enter middle age, experience wind and rain mostly, say what rich, noble, what you are expensive I humble. Flowers are open in trees and flowers bloom among grass. Each flower has its own characteristics and its own fragrance. Not every flower results, brilliant is good.

Step into middle age, slow down and sit down and watch. A cup of tea, a book; a poem, a word; a sky, a bird howling against the wind; a bright moon, against the river bay, a red day rise and fall on the edge of the sunset. With dreams in mind, we live a similar life.

Step into middle age, a song lyrics, a dance! With hobbies, dancing, wearing their own cheap tap dancing shoes, dancing a few tap dancing, or cheap ballroom dance shoes, dancing a few ballroom dances, a person, a hobby, quietly in their own world, whether it is cheap dancing shoes or expensive dance shoes, can bring joy to themselves!

In middle age, smile often hangs on the lips. Elegant and calm in manner

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