To distant friendship

A few nights ago, a friend who had not been in touch for a long time suddenly called me. Although I had not been in touch for a long time, my little heart was still full of infinite reverie and expectation. After a few simple greetings, he suddenly asked me with a smile: is everything all right for so many years? This sentence touched the depths of my heart instantly and thoroughly. I forced to cover my grief and replied with a bitter smile: everything is fine with me!

On the night of early winter, I walked alone on the Bauhinia School Road on the campus. The Bauhinia School Road at night was silent without the noise in class during the day. The howling cold wind mercilessly hit me in the face and hurt in my heart. When I think back to playing ball with him in junior high school, riding home together, and reviewing at school until dark, there will be bursts of sharp pain in my heart. Was the friendship between us really so fragile? Is it because I didn't manage well, or is friendship really hard to resist the devastation of years? I seem to know nothing about all this.

Struggling with grief, he began to run frantically on the Bauhinia school road. The flying Bauhinia flowers were messy in the wind. In an instant, the whole Bauhinia school road was covered with a thick layer of red makeup. I tried to run and run, and I still couldn't resist the pain in my heart until I ran to the end. Turning around and staring blankly at the residual flowers rolled all over by the cold wind, I couldn't help thinking about the Bauhinia school road that once made us painful and laugh.

I stood by and looked at it from a distance. It seemed that everything had not changed. There were still the same boutiques and newspaper kiosks beside the school road, and there was still a simple and honest guard uncle in the security kiosk. As soon as I saw this, a kind of inner pain filled my eyes instantly, and the tears blurred my world. In the hazy, I seem to see the figure of me riding home with him under the dim street lamp. He kept kicking me while stepping on his bike. The sound of happy play and noise echoed in the night sky of the school road. It sounded so happy and beautiful. Standing on one side, I watched two windy teenagers gradually disappear on their bicycles on the deep Bauhinia School Road, filled with a full sense of reluctance. I screamed hysterically behind my back, longing for their affectionate look back, but no matter how hard I tried, it was only in vain in the end. Tears flooded in my eyes wantonly. I desperately searched for the two unfamiliar and familiar figures on the school road and ran anxiously under the Yellow night light, but no matter how I ran, I still couldn't catch up with the two sincere teenagers. Finally, I woke up from the endless running. Sweat mixed with tears ran down my cheeks and passed by my ears, dripping on the yellow grass. The Bauhinia School Road of the university is still so quiet. I lie quietly on the grass watered by sweat and tears, close my eyes, and carefully think about the two wind like teenagers, the Bauhinia school road full of memories and love, the years burning with passion, the slightly raised corners of my mouth, and the comfortable comfort of my face, which seems to explain my reluctance and deep love for them.

I deeply understand in my heart that this is the trajectory of life. As long as the trajectory of life has no intersection, we will gradually move away, which is something that both sides can do nothing about. The more you want to stay, the more uncomfortable you will be. Finally, you have to hide in your heart without touching. Maybe at some point in the future, I will feel that without him in my friends, I should not be sad. The world is so big and my life is so long. Since I once had it, it is a gift. Why do I ask for a lifetime.

In fact, my friend, I really want to say to you: in fact, I miss you so much for so many years. Although we don't have the original feeling now, I still cherish the hard-working and unforgettable friendship. Thank you for bringing me so much joy in my youth. I'm very reluctant and helpless about this friendship

Life is like a train to the grave. There are always people getting on and getting off. There is no banquet that doesn't end in the world. Maybe it's distance or time. This is life. Contradictions promote the development of things. What remains is the most precious. Thank the friends who accompanied me along the way and sincerely say thank you. Friends around me, I will cherish you. I wish us a wonderful time!

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