To me: those travelling friends

"Things in the world flow with the water. It's a dream floating -- you'll never see my old age on your way."-- notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

Fate is determined by nature, and division is born by the heart. It is a great cause and effect of previous lives that the vast sea of drifters can meet, know and know each other.

As time goes by, the past covered by time flies, casting a touch of sadness in a hurry.

"Every section of the road is a kind of understanding". They are all fallen guests at the end of the world. Why have they met before. Those best friends who have traveled far, I'd rather we didn't help each other. I hope we never forget each other in the Jianghu.

The yellow sand in the capital gives me a sigh of endless elegance. Those who know me are worried, and those who don't know me are what I want. Over the years, it has been a good man's wine equipment. Even if there are all kinds of lofty feelings, who will be more happy with? Sentimental since ancient times hurt parting, more that the north wind is cold?

Fate is like water, carrying a thousand feet of earth. Don't worry that there are no friends ahead. There are good friends everywhere in the world. Just one sentence, waiting for the next meeting.

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