To my best friend who accompanied me through the wasted years

What is a best friend? Is the one who cries and laughs with you. Every girl has her own good friend. At our crazy age, it was this good friend who spent it with me.

Speaking of you, I can't help thinking of my high school life. I knew you when I was a sophomore in senior high school. We were in the same class. To tell the truth, when I first met you, I didn't like you a little, because you had learned Sanda before and felt like a boy. But there are also many exchanges in the same class. In high school, we all like reading novels, and girls like reading romantic novels. You like to ask me if I have passed some to you, because we know the novels. When we do something, we talk about the type of novels we like. Gradually, we get familiar with them and have a chat after class. High school life is always so boring. Every day except eating, class is sleeping.

I remember that meeting. A new semester began. At that time, it was popular for two people to eat and eat together. You were tall. You always let me stand behind. You said you were tall and older than me. You should fight twice at a time. However, you always said that every time we finished washing, I said I would wash it. You had to ask me to wash it and make my hands oily. Just wash the dishes alone.

In the long run, you feel like my sister. Although you are only two years older than me, I can feel your love for me. At that time, we ate and slept together. You went to my house and I went to your house. When we did something, we talked from the bottom of our hearts and often held two people together.

Sometimes it's fate. We don't think that people who didn't have a good relationship at that time will become the best best friend. Last year, you got married, and the best friend and best wishes are for you.

People will meet many people in their life, but not everyone can become friends with you, so cherish the friends around you. Friends will be your endless wealth.

Dear drop, thank you for such a long time of company. You are my lifelong friend, lifelong sister and lifelong best friend. Nothing can change our friendship.

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