To the woman who lives in the deepest heart

Like the old time, standing in the deepest memory, remembering the beautiful -- inscription

I remember someone said that the best friend is when everyone thinks you are making a mountain out of a molehill, she knows why you cry so hysterically. Yes, such a confidant is hard to find in a lifetime.

She is a woman made of water. She is three times kind and seven times wise. Wearing cotton clothes, she likes the softness. She said that her lover must have cotton eyes.

She believed in love, but was hurt by love. She said, I don't believe there is a beautiful ending in this world.

She is a gentle woman. She is so considerate. She paints ordinary days in color. She always looks at me with gentle eyes like water and says to me, fortunately, there is such a you in this world, accompanying me. Fortunately, there is such a sunny feeling of friendship in this world, which is worth thinking about all our lives.

She is determined to live happily.

She exists in my eyes like a sunny sun. She is elegant, calmly facing everything in life. She has a strong and brave heart. She is pure white, standing in the wind and rain, fearless, but so fragile, as if she disappeared at the touch.

I like to use Li Yannian's poems to describe her. It seems that she is the beauty. "There are beautiful women in the north, who are peerless and independent. If you look at the city and the country, you'd rather not know the city and the country? It's hard to get a beautiful woman again.

The memory of life, thank you for coming, thank me for seeing, and thank us for going on together.

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