To you whom I have never met



Having nothing else to do, I wrote you a letter.

Do you agree—— "We all want to find a friend who can talk easily, fits in with our temperament, feels comfortable with each other when chatting, although we are in constant contact, and misses a little when we think of him occasionally.". I want to say that you, who have never met, are such a friend of mine.

It's just an accident to meet someone you know. I just added QQ or wechat. I thought I could talk, so I said a few more words. I think friendship begins with "chatting". I'm really glad that you, who have never met, can talk with you a lot every time, and I feel very happy every time I talk with you. I wonder if you feel the same way? The vast sea of people, the friendship between you and me, is also a different kind of "meet"?

Man, what do you mean by "love"? I asked you, you said: "it should be the most beautiful scenery on my way." I think what you said is very beautiful. I like what you said. And I think, "love is the willingness of each other". Everyone has his own definition of "love". Man, I hope you can meet the most beautiful scenery on your way soon. When it comes to feelings, if I want to talk about "love" for you without knowing whether I have ever been in love, I am really afraid of misleading you.

Man, you asked me, "what kind of girls do girls like?" ha-ha! I told you, "girls like boys who have a sense of responsibility, filial piety, are positive and can give people a sense of security", but you said to me, "isn't this a routine?" Then I will be speechless. In fact, I think most girls have this requirement for boys. Hee hee, I'm just a girl who claims to be a boy. I know something about the character of a boy, such as "love face, strong self-esteem, being a big boy, and great pressure"; Maybe I can understand the boys' hesitation. But, please forgive me, I am really a love idiot.

You said you were in love. You said that it was your female ticket that chased you. Saying that people treat you well makes you feel very stressed. I said, "you don't know your blessings. This girl seems to like you more than you do. Now that we are together, we can enjoy the process of love. Who can be sure of the outcome?" Ha! I pretended to be someone and preached to you again. But many words, although I got from others' love, have a certain reason.

Man, you said you were in love for only ten days, and you have been single until now. I said, "it doesn't mean that no one likes you. Maybe you don't know how good you are in the eyes of others. You just think you are bad! You know? Girls don't take the initiative to pursue boys, but as long as you take the initiative, there will be female tickets soon!"

Do you ask me if I care about you? Yeah! Why don't I care about you? Everyone who appears in my life and I think is worth cherishing will care about, including the friend I haven't met - you.

You say, you think I'm sunny. I said, "in fact, I am also a loser. Compared with you, I am afraid I am the most frustrated." but I am willing to reveal my heart to you. I just hope you can feel my sincere heart through my words, trust me, and be willing to reveal your happiness, anger, sadness and joy to me. I would like to, we do not meet, just miss.

You said you wanted to see me, and I said, "if you saw me for the first time, I wouldn't have a pair of charming eyes that you can't forget."

Man, may our simple, casual and sincere chat never disappear. I hope so.

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