Everyone has tasted yesterday and today, but it is not necessary to taste tomorrow.

Because tomorrow is a dish of delicious food. You can reach it when it is in front of you, but you can also be snatched away by others inadvertently, so you lose tomorrow. In the face of the messy desktop and empty dishes, you can only secretly feel melancholy and have no other way. On the contrary, if you eat your share, you will have tomorrow. For everyone, tomorrow is not only close to you, but also far away from you. If we bring our very limited life into the long river of infinite time and space, people will have to lament the short existence, the long loss, the loveability of yesterday, the value of today and the regret of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is your lover. You always want to have her and have her. In the dead of night, you can touch her smooth skin, feel her pleasant breath and enjoy her gentle pleasure. She always whispers with you, depends on you, and sings with you. She knows everything about you. When you are happy, she always comes to you quietly and gently, clapping hands with you, singing and dancing with you. When you are sad, she sticks it to your heart without complaint and regret to compensate you, release your feelings and help you solve your worries. To you, she is an unquenchable fire, an unquenchable River, and an unquenchable mystery of nature. She will leave you at a certain moment in a certain day. Although you sincerely ask her to stay with you for another night of happiness, you are confident that if you can have an extra day of life, you will be able to produce your own glory and the understanding of others. But she still left a mystery in front of you and made a fog behind you.

All good wishes, sincere prayers, sinister traps and cruel fights in the world will be extinguished by tomorrow and will be finally judged by tomorrow. She is the most sincere and gentle lover of mankind, the most reliable and revered friend of life, and the most difficult traitor to forgive and forgive.

All human regrets, unspeakable regrets, and tangled emotions will be revealed tomorrow. Human beings followed her faithfully and were ruthlessly abandoned by her. She created life and destroyed the body again and again. She gave people light and darkness again and again. She is forever playing tricks and tirelessly thinking of and loving human beings, but human beings can only understand, respect and accept her forever. This is the only understanding spirit and boundless feelings that human beings hold for all things in the world.

We can say that yesterday was spring. It was the flowers and grass, the cold breaking wind, and the sound of insects, butterflies and birds that made us recall and cherish our childhood lives. People never forget her, but she never reappears in our lives. Therefore, people can only copy the lost years from their own and other children's childhood States and scenes, and try to perceive the value and purity of life and existence.

Childhood life is a meaningful and long fruit of life that people can never chew, knock or break!

Today is a warm and jumping summer, which is the season for fruit grain filling, birds flying, human sucking and using knowledge. It is precisely because of her intense heat that people are deeply attached to yesterday and eager for tomorrow. It is she that makes people appreciate and appreciate the scenery and material conditions that are not available at other times. Summer is an indispensable season for human survival, just as there is no sense of yesterday's value and tomorrow's amiability, respectability and desirability without today. Today is the reflection and publicity of the strong and high light of the years in people's life to their own brilliant value.

There is no doubt that autumn is the future of mankind. All things that are somewhat impetuous and active have become calm and steady under the wind of autumn. In the pleasant starry sky, the autumn of life is placed in the reclining chair and memories, and is also branded on the handle of walking stick, the legs of old flower mirror, the memory of children and the lintel of the family through the wind and frost. The golden fruit and deep shell are just the wonderful and attractive embodiment of Lao Cheng's prudent life. The earth is withered by the sucking of all things, and the skin is wrinkled by the invasion of wind and rain. It is dry and needs rehydration. I am thin and need to eat. Wrinkled, need touching. Tired, need to rest. The withering of the earth is to provide mankind with the basis for continuous survival, and human rest is to make more living space for future generations. The ruthless metabolism is the most selfless contribution of nature and human beings to autumn and future generations, and the ruthless metabolism is precisely the great love and true feelings bestowed by God on human beings.

The pure winter is the best place and festival for our ancestors or ourselves to sleep peacefully. The low temperature solidifies the wisdom and soul of human beings, and the plain world wraps the hardships and great power of human beings.

Isn't the gentle spring, warm summer, brilliant autumn and quiet winter corresponding to our own yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the illusory and real confusion that the quiet and elegant eternity has given to human life?

Everyone has his unforgettable year, month, day and moment. What's different is that different people specifically determine them at different times, places and objects. Their feelings will always exist in the deep part of people's hearts, and will not deform and shift, mildew and disappear. In the minutes and seconds of its formation, every plant, every word, every action, every joy and every anger are still infinitely clear, unmistakable and sad, or just like a spring breeze. The difference between human individual's perception and experience and other people's identity and understanding leads to the diversity of ideas and artificial phenomenon landscapes.

Winter is cruel to the grass, but they still grow in spring. Death is indifferent to human beings, but we still need to cherish yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. When we need to enter the winter, we can just call or send a short message to yesterday, and then invite one or two confidants, burn a hot pot, a few cups of dry wine, and see off the guests after a feast of myth. Leave no regrets, only comfort and love, and calmly step into the eternal and quiet side.

Tomorrow is like a fluffy bird crouching by your pillow for everyone. You can hold it in your arms and hold it in the palm of your hand for fun and appreciation. It is a clear entity. At the same time, tomorrow is so illusory and unreal for all people. No matter how successful, rich, powerful, strong, healthy and proud you are, there will be no possibility of negotiation with you tomorrow. Go, don't be late! Tomorrow.

Overhaul yesterday, grasp today, plan tomorrow, look forward to the day after tomorrow, love yourself and your family, understand passers-by and acquaintances, so that the books or inscriptions written for you by your descendants and others will be brilliant and immortal. And death is just a poem of helplessness, eternity, permanence and immortality that others give to you when you embody the value of life. The wind and birds singing around behind you is a forever moving elegy that nature and the same kind sing for you.

May you have a regretless yesterday, a regretless today, and a more beautiful tomorrow!

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