Tomorrow is after hugging

Seven days is neither long nor short. What is not long is time, and what is not short is thoughts. Every day in Lotus No. 1 middle school was so full until the last day of bidding farewell to Lotus No. 1 middle school. Thousands of emotions turned into a warm hug. After the hug, tomorrow will be.

Every day when the sun rises and sets, I have a worry in my heart - what will happen to students today? What will happen? What kind of mental outlook will it appear? Are boys still so shy It starts and ends with question marks. Have they changed as we expected in these seven days? Will they still study like this with curiosity after we leave? Will they be as reluctant as we are to leave? On the night of farewell, the children cried, and we also secretly shed tears. We let the children freely come to the stage to express their ideas. The children bravely stood on the stage to express their gratitude. In the face of parting, the children couldn't help crying on the stage. The crying caused a common noise, and the children under the stage also raised the crying a little. At this moment, the head teacher in charge of the class couldn't help covering his mouth and crying. That night, our eyes were red. How much emotion turns into tears, and how much hope tears can take away all our reluctance. After hugging, it is goodbye, a few thanks, a few treasures, a hug, a teacher-student relationship. After hugging, we will take a bus back to our school, and you will also start your new future.

Dear children, after hugging, tomorrow is still there. We will bring this love to our teachers, and I hope you will give this love to your teachers who love you deeply, tomorrow - love is still there.

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