Tour of large scale dance competition

Tour of large scale dance competition

The clear sky, the warm spring breeze, as well as the brilliant mountain flowers, are all permeated with a strong sense of spring. On this beautiful spring day, the large-scale dance competition - "journey of life" organized by the junior high school of our school comes as scheduled.
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It's a beautiful spring day. This kind of weather is especially suitable for dance competitions. The students are in high spirits one by one, holding water cups and preparing for the dance competition.

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On the playground, the students put out the words of dance competition, which is magnificent! The banners flutter in the wind, and the slogans of each class convey the strength of perseverance and self-confidence. The dance competition ceremony started. The headmaster personally presented the flags to headmaster Xiong and headmaster Chen. With the slogan and the powerful music, we set out.
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Although there is a long way to go, with the teacher's encouragement, we are full of confidence and fighting spirit. Everyone was a little excited and happy. They followed Banqi all the way to the dance competition and enjoyed the beautiful countryside along the way. In the fields, golden rape flowers bid farewell; peach flowers have withered, only petals fall on the ground. Fortunately: occasionally there will be small wild flowers in full bloom on the cliff, which tells us that it is still spring! We will not be afraid of the ups and downs of all the difficulties, stepping on the uneven road. This sense of Conquest fills one's heart with pleasure.

Unknowingly, we have been walking for more than an hour, and we arrived at the beautiful Fengwu Qionghua park. The first day of junior high school students arrived in advance, here already crowded, very lively. Let's join in. The teachers immediately organized everyone to take a group photo, and the beautiful photos of each class kept showing. Everyone was so happy! Then, the free activity began, and the flowers began to bloom

Under the front tree, lawn, bench, screen, corridor We had a good time.

All of a sudden, there was a whistle in my ear. It turned out that the PE teacher began to organize classes to have dance competitions! Our class is against class 18. Both sides of the enemy and us set out to fight each other. However, due to the rush to fight, our class soon lost a game. But this did not destroy our fighting spirit, but aroused our class's ambition to win. The teacher arranged the tactics, we adjusted the team and fought with class 18 again. In the second set, both sides fell into a bitter battle at the beginning, and no one wanted to admit defeat. At this time, the teacher called the password: "one two three, come on! One, two, three, come on... " All of us think in one place and work hard in one place. We gradually gain the upper hand. Finally, we laugh to the end, the class cheered, I love my class!

Later, we held a tap dance competition, ballet competition, jazz dance competition, street dance competition, one by one dance competition in different regions orderly held, the whole activity atmosphere is quite warm! The crowd cheered from time to time! I took part in the tap dance and ballet competition with cheap tap dance shoes and cheap ballet dance shoes. EVA took part in the ballroom dance competition with cheap dance shoes. Many students in our class have won the ranking in the dance competition. After all, we are professional!

After the game and the rest, we're back on the road. Looking back, we can see the mighty team behind us, which is shocking. All the way, spring is endless. Willows along the river have sprouted new branches, and the fields are full of oilseed rape with fruits, occasionally dotted with scattered rape flowers. The beautiful scenery is very attractive to us. But walking. The steps gradually became heavy. I think, at this time, there should be a lot of students' legs as painful as me! But they don't cry bitter or tired. Why don't I learn from them? I suddenly realized that the road of life is not the same? One step, one more step, is closer to success.
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The tour of this dance competition made me understand: there is no higher mountain than people in this world, and there is no longer road than feet! As long as we are firm and persistent, we believe that success is ahead.

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