Try everything

I think this sentence should be what I deeply appreciate in this rural activity: try everything. Do you feel familiar? Yes, it's a score for square dancing.

When I saw my aunt dancing in the square or on the street, I never thought that one day I would stand in it and teach them to dance. In this three trips to the countryside, I was arranged to teach square dance. Of course, I was flustered and resisted because I had no talent for dancing. I haven't been in touch with dancing since primary school. I was also very distressed during rehearsal, and my hands and feet were out of harmony, When we came to school and saw that the aunts danced better than us, we were even more flustered, so we increased the time for rehearsal. After several rehearsals, I suddenly found that I didn't reject her so much.

Tonight, I finally want to teach the aunts in the village to dance. The aunts came to the school with great enthusiasm. We taught them step by step. When they learned a step, I always felt very happy. After all, my efforts were not in vain.

How can a person get a chance without trying and giving himself a chance. Only by learning to try, can we achieve success! Many things will succeed only after continuous attempts. If we retreat because of one failure, we will never succeed. In the journey of life, as long as we keep trying, we will succeed.

Those who dare not act will never succeed, and there is no chance of success! Since ancient times, success lies in daring to try. We should dare to seize the opportunity, actively take action, overcome difficulties, and finally succeed. The most pitiful people in the world are those who hesitate and hesitate when things happen.

We should have the courage to try for the first time. Only when we dare to try, can we make a breakthrough.

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