Understand, is an unspeakable tenderness

In life, there will always be one person, from the moment he walks into his eyes, he will be fixed in the soft heart, even if we meet late, but the heart that first moved is already warm, no matter how far or near, it is full of joy, you know I am cold and warm, I understand your joys and sorrows, the years will pass, and the true feelings that are warm in my heart will never be forgotten. In this life, there is a person who can be read, imagined, and loved, is it not warm. In this world, there must be a kind of understanding that is spirit, which travels through the soul and comes quietly. I only want you, as long as you understand. After walking through the enthusiasm of the day, I like to enjoy the quiet night time alone, without being shocked or disturbed, without joy or worry, quietly reading, quietly missing, and I can also reminisce the warmth you gave. In the depths of time, those drifting clouds and waters of the past have long been carved into an ink painting scroll in the bottom of my heart. The wind in the late autumn brings a little loneliness. In the fragrance of paper and ink, I embroider with words to engrave the little friendship with you. If there is soul dependence in this life, why do we need to accompany each other day and night; if the years leave vicissitudes on each other's faces, I will still smile and bless, even if the world is turbulent, there is still a touch of warm fragrance that can comfort my soul, see and If you don't see it, your heart will always be warm. I fell in love with the misty rain, I fell in love with the faint scent of tea, I fell in love with those tactful affections that I forbear in the depths of my memory. This slowly coming autumn rain, can I write down my expectations for you in a pond of lotus fragrance. Put away the deep love of Tang poetry, the meaning of Song poetry, and draw a white winter for you. I like the lightness of the grass and trees, the warmth and comfort between the words, and the quietness and gentleness lingering in the warmth of the morning and evening. I read you in one sentence and one sentence, and scattered the silent thoughts in one day and one night. The autumn leaves are still there, and the cool breeze carries the winter feeling, dyeing the familiar mountains into the color of clouds. Looking into the distance, you are still standing in that poem, expressing the feelings of fleeting years with a graceful attitude. The night was as cold as water, and it seemed that it was raining again outside the window. It was early winter after all, and the air in the house also felt cold. You said, the weather is cold, I must pay attention to the cold, I am afraid that my legs will suffer again, so I turn on the magic lamp and bake it all the time. The pot of yellow chrysanthemum in front of me is lonely and beautiful, the petals are full of cool thoughts, the veins of time are taken away by the rain, the lovesick red bean is deeply planted in the courtyard full of crape myrtle. Time is speechless, in those parting times, the moonlight is as ever. In every sleepless night, the deep and shallow imprints are condensed on the fingertips, and a thought blooms on the thin paper. Then, by the moonlight, I carefully read the thoughts that I still want to talk about, and the warmth that cannot be erased in the sea of ​​my heart. Knowing each other like you, just keep the original agreement, let the clear words bloom in every dark night. If there is still a kind of consonance in the world, which has been planted in each other's soul, then the deep nostalgia has become an indelible mark in the reincarnation of the four seasons. Is it a consonance? Even though the mountains and rivers are separated, that kind of spiritual connection is no longer distance. To understand is a kind of unspeakable tenderness, it is the clear sorrow of going up to the west building alone; to understand, it is the tolerance of the blue sky to the white clouds, and the silent bloom of the heart and the heart. The kind of mutual acquaintance and mutual sympathy, like rain and dew falling on the dry land, moistens the heart and refreshes the eyes. The fate of the world has long been predestined. What reason do we have not to cherish it and not understand it? I believe that in this world, there must be someone who understands my loneliness when the flowers are falling, understands the tears in my eyes, and understands my unswerving love. This kind of understanding is compassion, and the beauty of life and death, Kuo and Zicheng. Lingxi, only in one thought. Sometimes people get along with people without too much language, and some words are only in self-evident understanding. Understand, how good. Years are hasty, prosperity is fleeting. Some nostalgia, because of how much I understand, I am full of joy. Walking in the fireworks of the secular world, guarding the indifferent years, planting a seed of Bodhi in my heart, nourishing it with the fragrance of words, fate comes and cherishes fate, and fate goes with fate. The ups and downs of life, along the way, we have experienced joys and sorrows, whether it is the faint joy or the fiery love of roses, which cannot be shared and replaced by others, so we should cherish everything we have, such as the fate of repairing , For example, sincere feelings, treat others with a kind heart, don't have to complain, don't sigh, and don't have to think about repayment or demand, where your heart is, where is your love, I believe that the years will never fail affection for each other. Sometimes, we often feel lonely and helpless. What we long for in our hearts is a kind of understanding and trust, a kind of sincerity that can entrust our lives. Listening to the voice of the heart seems to be both simple and difficult. Thinking about it, when a person can hand over the pain and desires in his soul to another person, longing for him to understand and understand, how much courage is needed. Being able to meet someone who understands you in your life is a blessing from your previous life. Understanding is more valuable than love. Therefore, cherish the encounter, cherish the person in your life who always cares about your warmth and warmth, and listens to your voices without abandoning, just because, knowing, is the most beautiful fate in life! A wisp of blue smoke rose up, if it weren't for your caressing, it would have been scattered all over the world, and it is this scene that is destined to be entangled with you, supporting each other to this day. Looking at the blue sky and the white clouds floating on the horizon, I count the years that passed by like a painting, and remind those warm memories a little, and engrave the chapters that belong to us. I have loved the vicissitudes of life, my heart is like glazed glass, and it is exquisitely carved. If it is not the ties of true love, how can the clear and clear landscape of the road come? Gratitude for meeting, cherishing fate, and mutual understanding are warmth. Because I understand, I am compassionate. A ray of sunshine, a cup of tea, a lover, and a touch of literature are the best seasons of life. Be a warm woman, appreciate the spring flowers and listen to the winter snow, and look at the autumn moon and bathe the summer lotus. Let the days be like the jasmine flowers in front of the window, which can be turned into poems, paintings, and landscapes. Time is a boundless wilderness, thorns and thorns grow, and there will also be grass and flowers. It captures the feelings of clear water and blue sky, and makes the heart feel at ease. Picking flowers and planting grass all the way, all the way is poetic and fragrant, and the heart is where you know. It is the mercy given by the years. According to the warmth of time, live the way you like. Winter has come, everything is depressed and silent, even the cold wind has a sigh. Spreading out thousands of thoughts and white paper, the faint handwriting is clear and clear, which should be a compromise to the warmth of life. In this warmth, there is the quiet beauty of autumn, the whiteness of winter, and the beauty of spring. The fireworks of this world are curling day by day, and we are suffering, no matter what. But it is to gradually become more peaceful. In life, there must always be some tempering and entanglement, which is practice and understanding.

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