Understanding friends

What is a friend? A friend is a cup of tea, very light. Taste carefully but have a very strong taste!

A friend is a gentle breeze. It is so kind to slide gently across my face!

A friend is a drizzle, very sweet. It is so comfortable to moisten our hearts!

A friend is the call between love and love, and a friend is the exchange between hearts.

Friends are like brothers

A friend is a comfort and care for your soul when you are in great pain; When you are disappointed and hesitating, it gives you confidence and strength; When you are successful and happy, share your victory and joy. On the journey of life, although there are ups and downs, having friends can give you encouragement, care and help you through the most difficult years.

People in the world, "can be without relatives, but not without friends; can be without wealth, not without bones." This is the experience summarized by our predecessors. Now, there is a certain reason to think about it.

The ancients said, "to learn without friends is to be ignorant and unheard of."

Making friends is actually a useful thing. Everyone should try to make new friends, because friends can broaden our horizons and enable us to have a deeper understanding of the world. In the long journey of life, we should make good use of our friends to increase our knowledge, compose the movement of life for each other, and depict the true meaning of life.

With the progress of society and the equality and harmony between people, there is no lack of friends in our life, including childhood, academic, career and life. Now, we have more friends on the Internet. When we are full of friends and raise our glasses to the moon; When we wander around the mountains, reciting poems and painting; When we shuttle through the streets and greet our friends, do you ask yourself: are they your confidants? Can they share weal and woe with you? There is no doubt about the answer. I think most people will choose "no".

Yes, when getting along with friends, some people weigh the relationship between friends with advantages and disadvantages, and use gains and losses to decide whether to intervene for friends. Naturally, a friend with such selfish thoughts will never be pure. As a result, friends lack confidence and sincerity. Under the mask of falsehood and the fake smile of hello and me, it is full of intrigue and mercenary. Yes, you would say that in a market economy, friendship should also be measured by the economy as a lever. So, look at the vast world. The friends of the rich are the rich, and the friends of the poor are the poor. No wonder, in our life, there are many evil friends and evil friends, and there is a lack of true friends in adversity. This kind of friend who can only be happy but not in trouble is not a friend, or just a friend with false feelings. A true friend cannot be bought with money.

A true friend is the one who knows you best.

He appears in front of you when you need him most. Even if you are poor, he can still comfort you, be considerate, care for you and comfort you!

Life is like a dream, friends are like fog, mountains and rivers, bosom friends are hard to find. Maybe it's really hard to make friends who really can confide in each other! It's really "ten thousand liang of gold is easy to get, but it's the hardest to get a bosom friend"! In today's society, people make friends with a certain purpose. When you are in a high position, everyone can't hold it; When you have no right or position, friends are like strangers.

I suddenly understood that this materialistic society is full of intrigues and shameful things. The word "friend" has little meaning. Nowadays, the world is hot and cold. Human relations are as thin as paper. There are few friends like "gentleman's friendship is as light as water" in the secular world.

Some people say that many friends have many paths;

Some people say that more friends, fewer enemies and fewer walls

"The moon is like a hook when you go up to the west tower alone without words; the lonely Wutong deep courtyard is locked in the clear autumn. The constant cutting and confusion are the sorrow of separation. You have a different taste in your heart."

Between boredom and wandering, I found Mr. YuQiuYu to interpret my friend's words: "True friendship doesn't depend on anything. It doesn't depend on career, misfortune and fortune, identity, experience, location and situation. It naturally refuses utilitarianism, belonging and contract. It is the mutual echo and confirmation between independent personalities. It is people who are independent but not lonely. They understand the meaning of their own existence. Because the so-called friends are just those who make each other live warmer and more comfortable."

Einstein said, "the best thing in the world is to have a few true friends who are honest in mind and heart."

At this point, I am enlightened. People who think of others are true friends. As long as you have reason, you can get friends forever.

It is fate that friends can meet each other, come together, know each other, understand each other and approach each other. "It is predestined to meet thousands of miles away, but it is impossible to meet each other." It can be said that it is a kind of luck to meet, gather and meet each other on different life trajectories and in the heart sea of different experiences in the life journey of people coming and going, gathering and separating. Fate is not always there. We should cherish the hard won fate.

Fate is the will of heaven, and share is man-made. Friends are what they do, not what they say. What friends need is common sense, not just fate. With the fate of friends met, and then with a sincere heart to know each other. The process of interpreting a friend is the process of interpreting oneself. Some friends gradually become old friends after knowing each other and understanding each other.

A netizen's article gave me a new understanding of my old friends: people who have become old friends will naturally have fewer words, more tacit understanding, less superficial communication and more harmony of mind. The true feelings do not lie in the vigour and vitality, nor in the solemn vows, but in the kind of plain and light eternity. Make long friends in peace, and long friends in peace. Therefore, an old friend may be a source of happiness, a reliable mountain, the most patient listener, or a dictionary to interpret my heart.

"A friend walks with you all his life, and you will understand when you say a friend..."

I regard friends as wealth, priceless wealth. I cherish all my old friends and all my new friends. I hope every new friend can become an old friend! I wish all my friends happiness and happiness!

A friend used to be a post station to comfort the soul, a port for the passenger ship that drifted and sailed on the vast sea, a mother to comfort the tired soul, and your most loyal listener.

Sometimes people are really strange. Without a specific time and place, they will suddenly think of some people or things in their minds. Sometimes, the concept of friends is like this. There is no need to emphasize that we are friends. You don't have to talk about it all day.

It feels like this. I often think of you, who we once said "to be friends forever"! Although we have never kept in touch with each other frequently, a true friend does not keep in mind every day, but occasionally remembers each other in a second, and then has a warm feeling in his heart. Even if he is separated by two places, or a few years or more, he will not forget. At the same time, there are those unforgettable happy times, and the eyes that sincerely listen to you when you are sad and depressed.

Life can be ordinary, but you can't live without friends. Even if you add a few slices of lemon to the boiled water, you will feel happy.

A friend is a kind of Acacia

Friends are each other's concerns

Missing each other,

Mutual concern

Mutual dependence

Missing is like an endless river

Like a gentle flowing cloud

Like a fragrant stamen

Like a flute with lingering sound

He is sometimes a kind of faint memory \p\e#

Light tea tasting and light resonance.

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