Visit and research have yielded fruitful results

July 4 is the fifth day of our "blooming summer" three rural social practice team arriving at Shiqiao primary school.

Today, our research group carried out a research activity of visiting residents and factories of Shiqiao village.

Early in the morning, we walked out of Shiqiao primary school with the prepared questionnaire. After taking a group photo at the gate of Shiqiao primary school, the research group divided into two groups and went in different directions.

There are five people in our team and the news group. We went door-to-door to investigate. Because the local people speak Leizhou dialect, most of the tasks of communicating with the villagers throughout the whole process are undertaken by the team leader who can speak Leizhou dialect. Many villagers here are very enthusiastic. Some villagers not only answered our questions patiently and talked with us, but also took the initiative to send us fruits from their families.

Among them, what impressed me most was the first family we visited. The person who answered our questions was a kind uncle, with whom we communicated the longest. He told us a lot of effective information - about local characteristics, the rich bamboo in the village, the history of the village... He told us that the people in Shiqiao village are all surnamed Xu. It is only because foreign businessmen came to the village that a small number of people have other surnames. No wonder most of the students in Shiqiao primary school are surnamed Xu. At ordinary times, every night, a group of aunts in Shiqiao primary school will dance the square dance, and the music is "Fuguizhu". The uncle said that this song was written and sung by people in his village, and it was his brother, named xujiahao, who was a singer. The uncle also said that people from TV stations once came to interview and shoot the singer. You can hear this song in QQ music and cool dog music, and also share videos about these with us. Speaking of these, my uncle's face is full of pride, which shows that this is something he is proud of!

After half a day, we gained a lot, learned a lot of local information about Fuguizhu and other agricultural and sideline products, and collected a lot of data. Although our team didn't find the factory and only visited the villagers' homes, another team of research partners mainly visited the factory, which just complemented us.

Although the visit and research are very tired, sunny and hot, we have gained more - not only the research information we need to obtain, but also the fruit full of villagers' enthusiasm and wishes!

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