wait for your tired heart to hurt your beloved

1: If

If one day my eyes are blinded by the secular world and my soul is stained by greed, please use your eyes as clear as water to guide me astray and restore my original purity.

If I never give you warmth, even if you disappear like wind, I will never cry out for pain.

If we say, life is a movie. Then you are doomed to be just a flash in my life story.

If one day I fall in love with others, please don't blame me. It must be you who treat me well enough!

If one day, I am not in touch with you, please don't blame me, it must be that I don't need you anymore.

If one day I forget you, please don't blame me. It must be that I met someone better than you.

Time will teach me to forget you and the time I spent with you.

2: The wind messed up my hair, you hurt my heart.

The night dew is too heavy, which wet my dream. The night is too thick, and I feel desolate.

The cold month, let me sad heart, so painful.

A sleepless night.

Then stay awake. Only when you are awake can you see more clearly.

Then smile. Only when I smile, I won't cry out for pain.

Some things, even if you like them, you should avoid them. Like coffee, every time I drink it, it hurts. However, the scar will be healed and the pain will be forgotten. I will drink a cup of wine once in a while. Just like some love, you can't touch it. Once you touch it, it becomes an unforgettable wound in the bottom of your heart. In fact, some diseases can only be controlled and treated by ourselves.

Even if it hurts, even if it's sad, learn to smile like sunshine.

Smile at yourself, smile at life, smile at setbacks. Learn to make yourself happy in a smile.

When we are unhappy, we should learn to control our negative emotions and not let them control us.

When you are unhappy, remember to smile at the sunshine. Maybe with a smile, you will be happy.

Happy happy, you really laugh.

3: Suddenly tired of words, just like tired of thinking about you.

Life has to be free. Constraints and troubles, let it drift with the wind.

The long road is long and wasted. No matter it is rough or sad, I bite my teeth and try to break away.

Let the sun fall gently to warm my cool heart.

The night is silent, the moon is whirling,

I just want to say with a bright smile that I am happy without you.

The end of thoughts blocks the exit of words.

I can't draw what I want without Ma Liang's brush.

The mood is a vine wrapped around the fingertip, which has been cast a magic spell,

Those stumbling words can only be trapped in memories of lonely flowers.

My love for you is just like this warm red. Even if it is silent in late autumn, it will only blossom for you.

This morning, I give you my most beautiful smile. Give you my most intimate warmth. Please be happy. Good morning, morning breeze. Good morning, rain and dew. Good morning, sunshine. Good morning, this world, and you in this world.

4: What I want

I need a trip back to nature to unload the overweight burden on my heart. Get rid of the constraints, forget the troubles, stay away from the pain, and wash away the dust.

I need a free travel to see the mountains and waters. Go where I want to go, see the people I want to see, and do what I want to do.

I need an selfless trip, happy laughter, happy cry, willful crazy, free breathing.

No thought, no greed, no separation from life and death, no love and hatred. Hungry to eat, sleepy to sleep. I don't remember who I am, let alone who you are.

Just say go

Take advantage of the thick night to enjoy the moonlight brocade.

Listen to the waves while the autumn wind is rising.

Smell the fragrance of flowers while butterflies are sleeping soundly

You are the only scenery I can never get tired of, and I can never forget my heart. The spring breeze is not as gentle as you, the peach blossom is not as affectionate as you, and the lover is not as affectionate as you. You are a tear in the sky, a poem in the heart of the earth, and a spring that makes my heart clear and soft.

If you are tired, just choose a quiet place to have a rest. The journey of life is still far away. Don't hurry. Sit down and have a cup of tea. Water the tired body and loosen the soil to relieve fatigue.

When you are tired, just choose a place to sit down quietly and listen to songs and read books to supplement oxygen, recharge and reduce pressure for the decadent mind. Make some adjustments and let your soul take a deep breath of relaxation.

When you are tired, don't rush to the road. Don't miss the warmth of people around you and the beautiful scenery.

If you are tired, just sit down and have a rest as you like. Do not look at the eyes of the world, do not think about the complexity of life, do not read the hardships of love. Just listen to the wind passing by your ears quietly, see the clouds passing by your eyes, and wait for your tired heart to hurt your beloved.

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