Walking alone (walking)

We walk on the road, laugh at others, and then be laughed at by others. In this way, we grow up.

Only when you make a fool of yourself can you grow up. That's why life lies in trying. First of all, we must overcome the cowardice of those who dare not and surreptitiously. The road is long and the light is the direction. People usually insist on moving forward when they see hope. But have you ever thought about how to see hope if you do not insist on moving forward. However, for those lights, they are just excuses for self comfort. Only by burying your head and persisting with yourself can you have real hope and see the real light.

The road is busy or desolate. As long as you keep going, there will be an exit. Walk along a road unswervingly. Although there is no way to go at this moment, you will gradually become a road after you walk.

When you walk, whether you are accompanied or not, whether you are a friend or alone, don't forget why you started.

Go on, there will be a future. Stop, nothing. And negates the previous ones.

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