Warm Olympic tickets

Ms. Dong is a rural woman from Anhui Province. She went to Ningbo with her husband to buy waste products more than ten years ago. They have a son named zhudingtian. Because they like martial arts, two years ago, the couple sent their son to Tagou martial arts school of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Henan Province. A year later, Zhu Dingtian changed from a charming baby who often shouted bitterness to a leader in the class.

Last year, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games selected performers from Tagou Wushu school. After several rounds of elimination, Xiao Dingtian was lucky to be selected. When she decided that her son would appear at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, Ms. Dong was very happy. She promised her son that she would come to the scene to see his performance on the opening day of the Olympic Games and cheer for him! When he learned that his mother was going to cheer him on, Xiao Dingtian was so excited that he shouted on the phone and kept promising his mother that he would work hard and try to perform well.

Unfortunately, two years ago, Ms. Dong was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the remaining time is running out. In addition, the time to apply for tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is too early. Ms. Dong turned to her friends around to inquire about the tickets. There had been no news for months.

After all, the tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games are sold all over the world. In China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, there are only tens of thousands of tickets, while less than 50 people in Ningbo have drawn tickets. Who will transfer the tickets to himself? Of course, Ms. Dong knows this, but for her son, she will try. Ms. Dong told the media of her wish: "I also know that it is difficult to get an Olympic ticket at this time, but I still have to try. My time is running out, and I will try my best to do something for my son..."

Something unexpected happened. A citizen felt very sorry for Ms. Dong's experience. After thinking about it, he finally decided to give Ms. Dong free tickets. The citizen's name is wangshansong. He is an ordinary employee of Ningbo Branch of Zhejiang Commercial Bank. At the beginning of this year, when the Beijing Olympic Committee sold the tickets for the first stage, he registered the pre-sale online with a try mentality. Unexpectedly, more than a month later, he received an email from the Olympic Organizing Committee, telling him that he had drawn class I tickets, namely, tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Last month, wangshansong was so excited when he received the tickets. Many of my friends have come up with the idea of buying at a high price, and wangshansong is reluctant to sell.

When Ms. Dong heard that Wang Shansong, a stranger, was going to give her tickets, she was so excited that she burst into tears. She couldn't believe it was true: "I want to thank the kind Mr. Wang for helping me fulfill my last wish in life. I have no regrets after I leave." Ms. Dong repeatedly tried to give the ticket money to Wang Shansong, but he returned it again and again. He said: "you are a great mother. I am moved by your feat. I am willing to give you this ticket for free! This ticket, in your hands, shows its maximum value!"

On July 14, the last day of handling the transfer procedures, Ms. Dong finally fulfilled her wish. Among the tens of thousands of Olympic tickets issued by China, this one has completed a perfect journey of love and is undoubtedly the most tender one.

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