We just want to hold your hand

In the past two days, as primary school students have to take the final exam, the practice team of blooming summer has organized its members to attend classes with children in Shiqiao kindergarten with the idea of "supporting teachers in summer village and warming people with blooming flowers".

This morning, I went to play lessons with other team members for the children in the kindergarten. When we first entered the kindergarten gate, we felt the enthusiasm of the children in the kindergarten. Several little people in twos and threes stood on the corridor on the second floor and shouted at us in a language that adults could not understand. This call made our hearts warm. Whether it's primary school students or kindergarten children, their exclusive welcome makes me deeply feel the simplicity and strong humanistic feelings of Shiqiao village. It has nothing to do with the wind and moon or the region. It all comes from a pure heart in life.

In this happy atmosphere, we played the games of "throw your handkerchief" and "what time is the old wolf" with the children. Children love games more than we can imagine. A simple game can make them laugh. When playing "throw a handkerchief", we organized the children to hold hands and form a circle. During the process of organizing the children's circle, several children kept holding my hands. I leaned down and said to them patiently, "my sister is going to help other children surround there. Let go of her hand first, will you?" At that time, I was still thinking that they would obey and let go of my hand, but the result was beyond my expectation. One of the little girls said to me, "I don't want it, I want to hold your hand." Several other children also followed me and refused to let go. Everyone took me a finger and stared at me with wide eyes, which immediately melted my heart.

Looking at them grinning, squinting and smiling, all my fatigue has already dissipated. It turns out that being popular with children and being so "spoiled" by children is such a special feeling, a feeling of super happiness.

In the afternoon, I went to the kindergarten with four other team members to have classes with the children. In the afternoon, we went to the small class. Here, a warm scene was staged again - we just want to hold your hand. Every child in the small class is a little sticky person, holding our hands all the time, like "occupying" their own toys, not letting others hold them. Every time I see such a scene, how I wish I had "three heads and six arms". During playing with children again, I deeply felt their simplicity and purity, and their liveliness and loveliness. A paper plane can let them sit back in their seats obediently; A small paper ball can make them have a good time, forgetting the quarrel and friction between them just now... Many toys that are simple or inconspicuous in our view can be played for a long time until they sweat all over. Just like they want to hold your hand and turn around all the time, this is also a happy thing for them.

For this group of lively and lovely elves, I am more moved. During the "throw paper ball" game class in the morning, a little boy threw the paper ball under the table. When I was looking for something to take out the paper ball, another super cute little boy climbed in from the other side to help me take out the paper ball, sent it to my hand, and grinned at me. I was moved by the little boy's helpful behavior. At a young age, I have a heart willing to help others. I praise him happily. Like a blushing flower, he pulls my hand and smiles shyly.

In this way, I spent a day in kindergarten with laughter and emotion. In the day with children, although tired, it is worth it. The most touching thing is that they have been holding me and expressing their love for me.

Today's kindergarten experience makes me respect the profession of preschool teachers, and I also feel deeply that they are not easy. Thank you very much for such an unusual experience, which is of great significance to me.

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