we were 25 years old but still single

In 2014, we were 25 years old but still single. Watching peers around us getting engaged and married one after another, we can no longer be as calm and leisurely as before. We reluctantly give up our self-reliance, listen to the arrangements of our family and friends, go out of our narrow circle of communication, go to various blind dates, and pass the lives of different sexes. Of course, our conditions are also good. There are people who pursue secret love, but they just don't want to fall in love casually, so they can't be high or low. If you like something, either you miss it or you have a famous flower; Those who like themselves always feel a little less fresh. An original hope is like a sundae without chocolate. Although it is still the flavor of ice cream, it has lost some indescribable charm. Perhaps, it is true that there is no predestination. In the vast sea of people, I meet many people, turn around, and leave, but I have never stopped. Alone, I walked all the way through many corners, but I didn't wait for the doomed man. I could only smile. Maybe it was not the right time.

We used to appear in other people's lives as protagonists, either actively or passively, or bright or sad, to brush the wind, step on the snow moon, make mountain alliances, and swear by sea, but the reality is not a movie after all, which can soak people's good subjective will. Although we have the figure of the protagonist, we do not have their end, and everything gradually disappears in the weathering of the years, leaving no trace. However, how can the memory engraved in the mind be easily erased? It is also like the familiar street, the familiar coffee shop, the familiar little sister next door, and the familiar you hidden in the bottom of my heart. I like the way you focus on reading. The sun casts a silhouette under your slightly quivering eyelashes, which looks like a butterfly flapping its wings and is fascinating; On the afternoon of early summer, in the quiet evening, a bicycle took me through green water and green land, neon glow lights, and felt the moment of happiness; When it thundered and rained, your timely phone call and an oil paper fan made me tearful and warm forever. The most beautiful thing is not the rainy day, but the eaves you hide from. Sometimes, a simple scene can also carry a section of the past. I like you not because of your good looks, but because you give me a feeling that others can't give me in a special time.

Origin, at the beginning of the encounter, hope and surprise were fixed in the moment of four opposite eyes; Destiny, when separated, the pain of tearing the heart and splitting the lungs may be just the expression of the unwilling heart. Wandering at the intersection for thousands of times, just to meet you, but forget, you will turn. The back you turned to leave dazzled my eyes, and I paid nothing back, only for your words of no love. So, finally understand, some feelings, can be cut so absolutely; Some thoughts can be broken so thoroughly; Some people are doomed to be placed in our hearts and disappear in our lives. After all, you are a passer-by in my life, staying for a moment, turning around is the end of the world. Maybe our meeting was just a beautiful mistake. We guessed the beginning correctly, but we didn't expect the end. Since this is the case, I feel greedy to pester again. Turn around gracefully, wipe away tears, and smile to the people around. The sand that can't be held is simply lifted to give it freedom, and to give it peace of mind. It is better to forget each other in the Jianghu than to help each other. Since then, you have a good life, and I will not bless you; If you have a bad life, I will not laugh at you, because we are strangers. However, we don't believe in forever any more. We can find a reason why anyone can go first, but we still believe in love. We just don't dare to love hard, just like one day you suddenly find that the wound after a fall will leave a scar, so we don't dare to stride out again when walking, because we are too inertial and have a good memory. It is easy to know a person, but it is difficult to forget a person. Perhaps, time will slowly heal our wounds, some people, some things, as long as you do not think, do not read, gradually also faded, like the sky after fireworks.

Once upon a time, we also looked forward to suddenly looking back, but that person's share of protection at the dim lights; I was also moved by the persistence that my clothes became wider and wider, and I didn't regret it; I also envy the eternity of holding hands and growing old with children. Of course, I also fantasize about a beautiful encounter on the corner of Qingshiban Road, which is like that in many movies. It is a romantic encounter and happy coexistence. If you can, just talk about a love without scruples and never break up, devote your whole life to tenderness, and let him live in peace. We always believe that there will be a person who is waiting for us in the corner of time. After a thousand sails, he will still accompany us and never give up. That person, can it be you?

In fact, each of us has an ideal you in our heart. You have satisfied all our fantasies about our future partner, just like Professor Qian Songyi. You can accompany me and listen to me when I am lonely. Finally, say that I am here, and let me be at peace with you; You can give me a solid arm when I feel wronged and sad, let me rely on it, and say I understand; When I am happy, you can hand me a cup of hot tea and share my happiness with music. Maybe you are not the best, but you know me best. You know my tears, not because of weakness, but because of strong too long; You know the sadness behind my fake laughter; You know the darkest corner in my heart. Sometimes, understanding is more important than love, because understanding is inclusive,; Because of tolerance, so happy. A brilliant smile, a simple greeting, a caring text message, a short phone call can warm me all day long, and you will let me know that I can still be a gentle little woman, leaning close to you and keeping the fleeting time quietly, without the strong shell. Some people say that a glimpse of the beautiful is the beauty of life, and a long flow of water is the most true happiness. I want to watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court with you on a sunny afternoon after rain, and watch the clouds roll in the sky; I want to get up every morning, see you and the sun, hold your hand, and never let go. I do not envy the vows of eternal love, nor the sweet romance of the moon before flowers. What I envy is the silhouette of mutual support in the sunset. It is ordinary and simple. Although it is as light as the breeze, it is comfortable and peaceful. In this way, from youth to gray haired, from meeting to dying, there is a long way to go. We walk together, and the world is full of troubles. We face it together. The place with you is the most beautiful scenery in my life!

At the age of 25, we were still single. We wandered around the corner alone in Jinse Nianhua, just because it was neither early nor late to meet the right you at the right time. This time, we did not apologize, turned around or separated. Just firmly hold each other's hands, say you are here, and then stand shoulder to shoulder, watching the rest of the fleeting years, to jointly interpret the beauty of meeting a person with white head and choosing a city to die!

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