We will always be good friends

In the network, we inadvertently met, a kind greeting, a knowing smile, a wisp of warm care, and a touch of atrial touch; Let our smiles be filled with happiness, and our hearts are filled with warm current. Let our hearts connect with each other and become best friends. The network is virtual and the affection is sincere. For this warm love, each other's hearts have been attached to and reluctant to give up. In the depths of my heart, there is often a hint of concern and concern, which makes the post moving heart wander dimly in a distant foreign land.

We will always be friends. On the journey of your life, no matter how far the journey is, I am willing to light a lamp for you in the dark night, lift up a blue sky for you in the wind and rain, send intimate greetings when you are lonely, warm comfort when you are in pain, sunshine like smile when you are sad, warm heat flow when you are cold, and sincere encouragement when you are weak, Cheer for you when you are brave.

We will always be friends. When you are tired, I am willing to be your harbor, let your heart rest and recharge for you. When you encounter ups and downs, loneliness and want to cry, give you my supporting shoulders, let you soak and flow your tears, and release your troubles and worries. Stretch out my gentle hands and gently shake off the dust in your journey; Hold a handful of clear stream water to wash the dirt in the long river of years for you.

We will always be friends. When it snows in winter, I am a cup of hot tea in your hand. You hold it warm and elegant. When it rains cats and dogs in summer, I am the small umbrella that you hold up in your hand to protect you from the wind and rain, close to you and around you. When the fruits in autumn are full of branches, I am intoxicated with your harvest joy and your colorful and sweet dream. When spring returns to the earth, I am a wisp of wind in the green of spring, dancing your bright smile and whirling your happy heart sound.

We will always be friends. I want to appreciate the light sadness in life with you, feel the lasting affection in the smile of meeting with you, cherish the long-term emotional rhyme with you, linger the truest and purest deep feelings in my heart with you forever, understand the gate of telepathy with you, and understand the continuous amorous feelings in the rolling red world with you.

We will always be friends, the same loneliness, the same loneliness, the same hope and the same sadness. Although we don't know each other across the screen, and although we haven't shaken hands, we have the same and harmonious hearts. In our mutual company, we walk through the wind, frost, snow and rain together, and tell our love and hatred together. We write the bitter and happy chapters in the years together, and we depict the eternal legend of the love in the world together.

We will always be friends, with the same true love, the same pain, the same dream and the same vision. Although we have not held hands, you are a special friend cherished in my heart, and I am the eternal current flowing in your heart. When the Internet cable is connected to each other's hands, when the keyboard strikes us, we will always be friends, without gender boundaries and obstacles, maybe you are close, maybe I am far away, As long as we have a tacit understanding with each other, take care of each other, know each other and help each other, we will have the most beautiful, warm, comfortable and sincere emotional River in the world. Keep a thought for your heart, sincerely move, and let happiness last forever in the years. Warm and sincere love flow, when the eyes across the screen are printed on our hearts, we always want to cherish this once owned.

We will always be friends. We will feel it carefully together. The resonance between our hearts in the mutual collision will paint beautiful colors for life and draw a sunny rainbow for the sky of years; Let love set sail, let love and affection sublimate friendship in a common blend, and build a pure and beautiful friendship under the blue sky.

Beautiful encounter is still beautiful, and eternal friendship is still eternal. In the long river of years, we were sincere and had; In the long song of life, we were beautiful and moved. Our hearts used to really blend together, because we are willing to be friends for life.

Dear friends, I will remember the agreement between us. It is a lifelong agreement. You can't forget him. We still have the common boss Guangliang.

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