We will be better

Dear children in Shuizhu primary school:

The first time I met you was on July 12, 2016. I am a teacher supporting education and you are students. From that day on, I can't help falling in love with the lovely you in my heart.

My identity is not only a teacher, but also a member of this summer social practice team.

First of all, I really appreciate that you are willing to sacrifice your vacation time to come to shuizhuquan primary school to participate in the summer cram class organized by our team. If it were me, I think I might prefer to stay at home and play with mud and so on.

I have no teaching experience, and even my major has nothing to do with the position of teacher. However, standing on the podium, your attentive eyes gave me incomparable confidence. This is my first time, as a teacher, to return to primary school. I haven't been back since I graduated from primary school, and many primary school students have forgotten in the years. This time I feel very different, not only with the mission of finding my childhood, but also with the responsibility of leading you forward.

I am the deputy head teacher of the senior mixed class, and also the teacher of your calligraphy class, folk custom class and film appreciation class. I have never been a gentle person, at least in front of you. I once wanted to be a teacher loved by all students, but I began to be serious as soon as I stood on the podium. Maybe my sense of mission is too strong. But a larger part of the reason should be that I don't have enough patience. I can't help stopping the children who talk little below. My particularly strong goal is to keep the classroom quiet forever.

When I met you, I gradually understood my teacher and why he always punished us for copying texts and reciting ancient poems when we were free. The reason was that we were all too idle to talk and made the classroom noisy.

I'm afraid my seriousness will lead to your boredom, but you will chat with me after class, send me flowers folded with colored paper, pull me out of the blackboard newspaper with you and write down our dreams together. Although I am unsmiling in class, I am more like "still like a child" after class. I will jump high for your favorite sentence, feel distressed for you who will be injured by fighting, and be angry for you who don't eat breakfast and lunch. In fact, we are all angels of each other and love each other deeply.

Many students told me that they like my personality very much. In fact, I am not like this to anyone, and it is when I met you who are innocent and pure that I became so famous.

After I went to college, I understood "growth" in a short time. It's always difficult for a person to live outside. No matter how naive the idea is, it's finally broken. Sure enough, growth is the process of adjusting crying to silence. Although I am still articulate and sharp in language, I have basically reached the point of "don't say if I can". The more important harvest is to understand what is called "responsibility". If it is your own thing, you have to work hard to complete it. This is also part of what you will experience. I hope you will spend it more happily and naturally than I do.

Later, I met a good team and a group of pure you.

In the fifteen days of supporting education, I released my most real self to the greatest extent. Happiness, sadness and anger are not covered up at all. Friends know that you may not understand it very well, but you will understand it one day.

On the morning of the day we left, there was a literature and art show, with carefully prepared programs. There was no sadness of parting in the happy atmosphere. After the performance, the head teachers organized the students of each class to return to the class and give farewell speeches.

The head teacher of the senior mixed class is a senior majoring in Mathematics I admire very much. He is usually serious and playful, just like a real head teacher. I forgot what he said. I only remember that he finally said that he would not participate in supporting education activities in the future, but I hope you can remember him. Then, I bowed deeply.

Maybe the senior children are really older. Like us, they are always afraid to express their true feelings. If you feel sad, you just laugh off the surface.

After the head teacher said these words, he finished school completely. I stood on the podium and looked at your backs one by one. The familiar classroom was suddenly empty. Holding the gift given to me by a student before leaving, I wanted to cry inexplicably. Maybe it's like, a little bit, watching the people you love go away slowly. Irreparable, but looking forward to looking back.

Back to the office, I talked to several teachers about the scene after school, and tears came down. Sure enough, I didn't know where to start and went deep. Suddenly I found two students in the class looking at me outside the office window and sobbing uncontrollably. I rushed out immediately. Sure enough, the two little girls kept crying. I put my arms around them and went back to the classroom. I talked like this for a long time.

Fifteen days is enough for me to adapt to the life in primary school, the life without Alipay and Taobao, the life without mobile phones, online dramas and variety shows, the life awakened by your noise every day, and the life with wonderful dishes cooked by my aunt in the roast canteen every day. There are so many that I want to stand on the podium and give you another class. In this class, I allow you to talk freely.

At noon on the last day, we took a four hour bus back to Changsha and returned to our familiar student apartment. Everything suddenly changed. It seems that I spent the rest of my life in a paradise and suddenly woke up to find that it was just an illusion of a dream.

I don't know if you feel the same as me, but I look forward to my next meeting with my dearest you.

I will become a better me and you will become a better you.

Your dear teacher Tu

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