we will miss a lot of people

Haruki Murakami said: If you love each other, you can carry your hands until you are old; If you miss, protect him. Seeing this sentence, I was secretly emotional. It is not because of how sensational this sentence is, nor because of what consolation is found in this sentence, but because of a sudden uncontrollable emotion.

Many words will always make us feel emotional for no reason but don't know what the reason is. Many words will always make us feel sad but don't understand the true meaning of the words. Many words will make us surge in our hearts but don't know why we are so paranoid. Maybe it's just because that sentence wrote our heart, maybe it's just because we found what we want in the words and felt the same way, maybe it's just because our mood is good or bad and we just saw that sentence at the most appropriate time, or it's just something from the depths of the soul that involves our nerves as we like to keep circulating a song, Maybe it's just because I like the beautiful lyrics of the song, maybe it's just because I simply like a melody and style, or maybe it's just because the song conforms to our mood at that time, that's all.

In life, we will miss a lot of people, but also miss a lot of scenery. However, missed, maybe we can meet again; Maybe we miss each other and become strangers, or maybe we can be friends. But our life may be better if we are quiet. If we love each other, we can carry our hands to the old age; If you miss, protect him.

If you miss it, just as the other side told you, don't be emotional, don't miss it secretly, don't look back, quietly go to another life of your own, silently bless each other from the bottom of your heart, and don't disturb each other. A touch of care, a touch of nostalgia, it is good.

If we miss it, we will protect him. Everything is just God's deliberate arrangement. We can't help but copy mechanically to bring two hearts that have no direct connection with each other. We can hate, we can love, but we can not be careless, we can not hate God's injustice. No love is no love, no reason; If you leave, you will leave without excuse. If you really want a reason, you want an excuse. If you really give a reason and get an excuse, what can you do? Maybe everything is not the result you really want.

Originally, it was just a mistake to ride a horse through the wilderness, not to return but to pass by. We don't need to be so stubborn, and we don't need to deliberately demand. It's hard to love a person, and it's hard to be loved by a person. If two hearts vow to die and strive to never get together after all, then silently let it be missed and protect each other.

If you miss, protect him. Missing is not your fault, nor my fault, nor anyone's fault, but we have to leave just to reach the next stop; It's not that you don't work hard, nor that I work hard, but that fate likes to play tricks on right and wrong; It is not that I don't know how to cherish, nor that you know how to cherish, but that life is a drama composed of joys and sorrows.

If you miss, protect him. Maybe life needs a quiet attitude, a little more quiet, not noisy, light care, silent blessing, so it's OK!

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