What is a bosom friend, what is a friend?

The so-called friends can be divided into two types: one is friends and the other is confidants. Friends are easy to get, but friends are hard to find. It is enough to have a knowledge of one's life. And a confidante can be met without seeking.

There is a saying: the man who can have a confidante must be a wise man among men. Being a confidante must be the best among women. Now people in Manjie Street are looking for their blue and red faces. The feelings between people are delicate and subtle. Who can understand?! And a confidante can be met without seeking. Once thought I had it, but in the end it was empty.

A scholar who is a confidant dies, and a woman who is happy with her own face. Money is easy to get, but a confidant is hard to find. From ancient times to now, it seems that everyone is looking for a bosom friend in the world of mortals. Who can really find a bosom friend? Who can really resonate with himself? In everyone's life, it is impossible for words, deeds and actions to be consistent with words and deeds. Even we ourselves cannot fully understand our own psychology, and how dare we expect others to understand ourselves.

A person's life can not be plain sailing, nor can everything be perfect. After years of vicissitudes, life has made us without any edges and corners. We may have some depression or worry in our hearts. We don't want to say it to our other half, but we just want to say it to our confidant.

Not everyone can meet a confidant. What is a confidant? Generally, they are friends of the opposite sex. Is there really a pure friendship between men and women? I don't know this. A confidant is a very delicate relationship between love and friendship. The next step is a lover, and the last step is a stranger. This kind of discretion is not easy to grasp, because when you want to tell your heart to a bosom friend, it is often the time when you encounter troubles in life. People are the most helpless when they are in pain. At this time, your heart is undefended and most easily moved in the face of the person who knows you and understands you. Perhaps when you are most vulnerable, knowing yourself becomes a lover, and friendship becomes love.

Is there really a confidant in the network? How far can this feeling go? How long can this relationship last? How long can we stay on each other's Q? How long do we need to forget the feeling of knowing each other? What kind of feelings are there between confidants? It is more than friendship and less than love. Now I seldom chat on the Internet. I don't have that mood and feeling anymore.

There are always many disappointments in life. It is so difficult to have a confidant! Acquaintance is a kind of predestination, no matter how far this feeling can go, and cherish today's predestination! A confidant is already very rare. A confidant can be met but not sought.

Life is a kind of fate, and so is emotion. What you deliberately pursue may not be available all your life, but the brilliance you never expected will come unexpectedly in your indifference and calmness

No one knows the depth of loneliness, and he laughs at the poet who is drunk; Where can I find a confidante? I can see the shadow of a lonely sail on a river boat!

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