What is marriage

What is marriage? Marriage is the natural prelude of life inheritance; Marriage is the happy bell of the new family. Marriage is a high salute to parents, relatives and friends; Marriage is a kind witness of true love.

Marriage is the relationship between two people from knowing each other, to knowing each other, to falling in love. This is the fate that has been cultivated for thousands of years. There will also be quarrels, conflicting opinions, misunderstandings, jealousy, sweet time, and happiness. How many passers-by in the vast sea of people, how many storms before meeting the right person, the person who walked into the wedding hall, this time love each other, never leave, live together.

When two people fall in love for a certain time, they both feel that the other can be entrusted for life, so they will enter the palace of marriage. On this day, it is always appropriate for the bride to wear light makeup and heavy makeup. She is wearing a white wedding dress, holding flowers in her hands, and her face is full of happiness and joy. The groom is wearing a straight suit to set off his happiness, sweetness, brilliant sunshine decoration and today's auspicious blue sky, Relatives, friends and friends all wish them to be together on the journey of life. Under the auspices of the master of ceremonies, a grand and happy wedding was held. The happy smile on the faces of the bride and groom infected the relatives and friends at the scene. With the blessing of their parents and the witness of their relatives and friends, the bride and groom promised to love each other, love each other wholeheartedly and faithfully throughout their lives, and will always be faithful to each other in the journey of life. The couple walked into the heaven of love hand in hand.

What is marriage? Marriage is a concentric circle drawn with family as the center and responsibility as the radius. No matter how long the radius is, as long as it does not leave the center, it will not deviate from the track of life. It will be full only when we meet at the center of love forever.

What is marriage? Marriage is a long-distance race, but it is not the winner who arrives first. On the way to the long-distance race, you slow me down and wait for you. When I fall, you help me to cooperate with each other and run to the end of happiness hand in hand.

What is marriage? Marriage is a social dance, not a one-man show. Two people can only dance in the same rhythm.

What is marriage? Marriage is a solid castle. When life encounters storms and setbacks, it can make two people who love each other cling to each other and never abandon each other.

Marriage is a beautiful, simple and happy love story created by two people who love each other. There are ups and downs, happiness and sweetness, quarrels and curses, wind and rain setbacks, mutual support and love, and husband and wife follow in this story. Marriage is a story. The story is beautiful, happy or tragic. It is all managed and written by the two people in the marriage.

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