What is separation? Things flow

How much is separation? Things flow.

After finishing the last thing, I looked back at the desk in the corner. It was not the same as when I first came two and a half years ago.

The newspapers on the table have been piled into a building. This is a building built by 123 financial weekly, starting from issue 183 and ending in issue 306.

The first newspaper, the list of 101 Chinese companies in Japan, is still well preserved, but the color has turned yellow. This is my favorite issue of the newspaper, although it is not the best one.

A newspaper put up my religion.

In March 2011, I came here like a piece of white paper. I know nothing about it. When I was a piece of white paper, I met sister Xiaomeng. You brought me into the realm of news, and from then on I erected it like a religion.

Curiosity, ignorance and mystery have gradually become another state of mind, or even a feeling.

887 days. This is my milestone and my bar mitzvah. Although I have long been an adult, there is no doubt that this short period of time is the most important growth experience in my 26 years of life.

In the past two and a half years, I went to 20 cities, made thousands of phone calls and wrote 500000 words. I use pen as a knife, words as food, dreams as horses, ideals as drugs and newspapers as religion.

Demons, angels, villains, gentlemen, bad guys, good people, cowards and second goods all used to be my roles. Praise, praise and vicious attacks have appeared in front of me.

Happiness, happiness, enthusiasm, indifference, blankness, madness, pain, scolding, staying up late, being strong and weak, diligence and laziness have all been so close to me.

In the winter of 2011, I was so strong. Peking University People's Hospital's electronic iron gate can not stop me, the hepatitis B patients' saliva stars can not stop me, the cold wind below 10 degrees is not bad for me.

At this moment, I don't know despair, and I never feel cold. Wei Lai's answer is the warm fire. The phone calls between Mr. Luo, sister Xiaomeng and Mr. Junling are also the warm fire.

In June 2013, I was so weak. In the mountains of Neixiang, Henan Province, my feet seem to be injected with lead; In the heat waves on the low hill, I felt dizzy as never before. I wanted to lie in the pile of wheat straw and never get up again.

I feel I have heatstroke, but I have to get up. The place 300 meters ahead is where I want to investigate. Although the smell of pig manure pervades the whole wheat field, I like it for the first time in my life because the pig farm has shade.

Sometimes, I also began to doubt. When one or two innocent people complained to me that he lost his job because of my report, I began to doubt; When I did a lot of research but couldn't show the results, I began to doubt; When I fell into confusion again, I began to doubt; When considering life and work, I began to doubt.

Sometimes, whether they are too mean and indifferent. Sometimes, how can I go further.

However, whether joy or sorrow, joy or sorrow, understanding or loss. You are always by my side.

At that time, Zeng Mingzhao was on Financial Street. On the 4th floor, No. 35, Financial Street, we beat the newspaper page on the computer keyboard. We take room 422 as our home, sofa as our bed, and the beep of the fax machine leads you and me to a dream. We live by words and write by dreams.

The bright moon of the financial street once shone on you and me at the same time, and the corridor lamp outside the glass wall once shone into the same dream as you and me.

Sister Xiaomeng, Xiaolei, PENGYUAN, President yuan, Yingying, Gao Wei, and the people who have left, you help me work and answer questions and solve my worries for my life. Everything is in my heart.

Flowers of the Baihua Mountain are gone. Although water of the Ma River often flows, your shadow cannot flow away. Miyun reservoir has taken the happiest group photo for us.

There are also colleagues in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Although they do not meet, they are also like confidants.

As Xiao Xin said. The bus has arrived. We also need to change trains. Although this is not the end, it is like the starting station.

I don't want to manage money now. I don't want to learn to participate in business. He never forgets the wrong way for two years.

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