What those students taught me

On the day of the hard pen calligraphy competition, the class teacher and Chinese teacher of grade 5 was unable to guide the children's competition, so he asked me to help watch a class.

Previously, I learned that the fifth grade students were very naughty. In the sixth grade, I had a smiling face. In the fifth grade, I had a bitter melon face. In the face of this difficult student, as a teacher, we must play a vicious role when we first meet the students, and use this strange deterrent to suppress the children.

Sure enough, I feel that the classroom can still be under my control.

I came to the classroom early. First, I wrote two poems to be written in the hard pen calligraphy competition on the blackboard, and then I gave the calligraphy paper to the students to start the competition. It won't take long for everyone to finish writing. As there is still a long time before the end of the competition time, I asked everyone to carefully check whether they have written wrong words and whether the strokes are correct.

At this time, a child raised his hand and said, "teacher, your word 'boat' is wrong! Our teacher said that the right side of the word 'boat' of 'boat' is not allowed to go out." I turned to look at the blackboard. I wrote the word "boat" incorrectly. I have always written it like this. At this time, many students said, "teacher, our Chinese teacher has emphasized it several times and punished us for writing it ten times." For a moment, I couldn't infer that I had written wrong, nor could I make a conclusion that their teacher had taught me wrong, so I had to say, "I'll go back and check and find out his correct writing. I'm telling you."

Before I looked back, several students took out the dictionary and looked it up. I was really wrong! I immediately admitted my mistake and apologized to my classmates.

However, one wave was not even, and another wave arose. One after another, another student said that my "window" was wrong. The word "Xi" in the "mouth" is not the word "Xi" in the "sunset". The stroke is not a dot, but a reverse stroke. After reading the student's dictionary, I was sure that I had made a mistake. My ears are getting redder.

Next, another student pointed out that I had written the word "bird" incorrectly. The word "bird" was written on the left side of the middle of the horizontal hook stroke, not on the left.

I corrected all the strokes that the children corrected. At the same time, I felt more and more that I was far from a qualified primary school Chinese teacher, and there was still a long way to go. I'm very ashamed of my lack of ability, and I'm also guilty that I almost misled people.

Jaspers said that the essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, and one cloud pushes another cloud. One soul awakens another. This of course means that only good influence can lead to this, but what if the knowledge or concept that a teacher knows is wrong?

I dare not think any more. Maybe those children didn't just correct my mistakes. They made me think deeply. I really want to be a teacher and have to work hard.

There is a long way to go.

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