When friendship meets love

In this heat, which seems to burn when you strike a match, the sun has hidden its proud smiling face, hid in the thick clouds and cheap tap dance shoes , and continued to exert its authority and power over everything. The air is stifling. Dark clouds are rolling in the southeast, and a rainstorm is coming. Snow sat in front of the computer blankly. She had no thoughts or feelings. QQ had been turned off. Her daughter made faces at her on the screen. The surrounding air seemed to have solidified. The rumbling thunder outside the window could not resist the snow's uncontrollable mood at this time.

It can be traced back to the big holiday and cheap dance shoes during the Spring Festival this year. Because her husband and daughter are both in Zhejiang, Xue is about to quit her job in the bank and come to them. She didn't go anywhere this spring festival because of the transfer. On the fourth day of the first month, she received a phone call from her high school classmate Guo, saying that he and the association would return to their alma mater where they went to high school. It was a sunny noon. Spring came earlier this year. As soon as the first month came, birds were singing and flowers were fragrant, and thousands of trees were in spring. Snow stood watching in the street like a young girl in the spring. Her heart was beating. The feelings of adolescence still jumped out of her heart after 17 years.

A silver colored Kia car suddenly stopped beside the snow, and a familiar and well-defined face appeared in front of her. Then, an elegant and virtuous woman stepped down from the car, holding a two-year-old girl. Min said that it was his wife Qing and daughter Lu. And told Qing that it was his high school classmate Xue. Qing Wan'er smiled and shouted "sister Xue" as a greeting, and then said to her babbling daughter, "call me aunt!" Lu's eyes, like black charcoal, stared at the snow for half a second before she timidly called "good aunt!" Because of her shyness, she turned and fell on Qing's shoulder. Everyone laughed and went into a wild mushroom restaurant. During the dinner, Qing said very little. She just chased her daughter to feed. Xue, Guo and min happily recalled their student career 17 years ago. More than two hours have passed unconsciously. Yun said that he seldom has time to go out with his family. There is a memorial hall for a generation of great men. Let's go and have a look. This is a small and medium-sized city in Sichuan. There are no big scenic spots. The memorial hall was visited in less than an hour. The party returned to the high school of that year and invited a group of students and ccheap tap shoes to play crazily all night. When we broke up the next day, we were still looking forward to the next reunion.

Since breaking up with min, Xue has had a strange feeling. She will have an impulse to call min at any time and in any place. This impulse is simply uncontrollable. Because waiting for the transfer order, many things of the unit have been handed over. It is rare for snow to be so idle. As a result, their conversation frequency increased, and the content of their conversation was not limited to recalling the past, recalling the notes of their schooldays and their ignorant mutual love. They also talked about their families, their jobs, and their pressures in life and work. Because min works in Chongqing, but his home is in Wuhan. People who are not with their families are free to control their work and rest time like bachelors. Sometimes, when people's social gatherings come, they will continue to talk after they have finished talking about a topic. Such "follow-up" may be in the middle of the night. The conversation became speculative and heated, and slowly it became a little stale. If min doesn't answer Xue's phone, Xue will send a message to min, "where are you?" "Busy?" "Are you in Chongqing or Wuhan?" Min also sent a message to Xue when she couldn't get through the phone: "is your mobile phone dead? Go to bed early, baby." SMS has become more and more explicit and passionate. When the order came down, the snow arrived in the city where my husband lived, and the family could be together. Snow is no longer satisfied with calling and texting with people. She applied for a QQ for people, which is called "a happy moon". Isn't there a saying in Huangmei opera that "love between husband and wife takes a good month and children get round"? Then I wish their friendship, which is higher than that of their classmates but lower than that of their husband and wife, will also enjoy a full moon! Min has little time to go online because his work is not fixed, but he will talk with Xue when he is free. Xue's emotional words jump on the screen, "do you want to miss me?" The people knocked the word "want" in the past. Xue said "he's coming", and min went offline.

Such a beautiful day lasted until the May Day holiday. Xue and her husband returned to Sichuan from Zhejiang and told people that she had bought a house in Chongqing for investment. At this time, min also returned to Wuhan and was spending a happy holiday with Qing and her daughter. Snow still frequently sends messages to people, asking people how to spend May Day. But on the first day of the big holiday, min realized that this kind of inexplicable feelings had hurt the family and brought a blow to his lover. Xue doesn't know their feelings beyond friendship. Their sensual and passionate messages and their high telephone frequency above friendship have been discovered by the traditional and conservative woman Qing. The whole snow holiday just received a short phone call from Min "I'm very busy recently. I'll call you when I'm free. We don't contact during this period of time", and there was no more following. At the end of the holiday, Xue returned to Zhejiang. Because she had not yet reported to her new unit, Xue stayed idle at home every day to help her daughter with her homework. It seems that the days have returned to the former silence. Facing the gloomy QQ avatar of the people every day, Xue has too many words to say to him. I don't know why their hot calls, text messages and QQ all came to an abrupt end, and why the people were suddenly silent. Xue will leave a message to Yun's QQ "where are you?" He will also send a worried expression to him when he is in a bad mood and cheap ballroom dance shoes .

Until the end of May, Xue's mailbox suddenly received a strange email. When she opened it, she knew it was written by Qing. The letter said: "I don't know how you have developed so fast. You flirt under my nose. He always loves me and this family very much. During the two months you flirt, I've been in a panic. I always feel that something is going to happen. I'm afraid he's overwhelmed by his hard work and has to learn to drive. I'm afraid he's a little lost in Chongqing, which is full of highways. I sent him a text message to make him pay attention to safety. He said it's OK He said he would call me often. But my heart still beats. " Qing said, "I think you must have loved him too, otherwise you would not have taken this step under the premise of having their own families. It can be seen that you are also a good wife and mother, you also love your husband and children, and you will not give up your family and cheap dance shoes and do things contrary to reason and morality. But what makes me wonder is, since you are so wise, why are you so irrational? The third party is disgraceful, and no one wants to be spurned." Qing said, "for many days, I still can't get out of that shadow. The message is like a silver needle stuck in my heart. If I can't pull it out, I continue to drift in. My chest is like a mess of cotton every day. I have difficulty breathing."

The nearly thousand words of letters written by Qing made Xue feel ashamed. She somehow became a third party and became a person who was spiteful to set foot in other people's families. Xue tried to recall the Spring Festival green, a very fitting rabbit hair Lapel short coat, a pair of navy blue trousers, a pair of half high leather shoes, a not fashionable but very neat dress, a traditional woman like a good wife and mother. Xue knows that she should get out of this relationship, but Xue doesn't reply to Qing's letter. She just calls min and says she's sorry. She says she will grasp this degree in the future and won't hurt Qing's feelings any more. Min smiled helplessly and hung up without saying anything. In fact, Min's heart is even worse than Qing's. He loves Qing and the woman who has selflessly contributed to him. He never thought he would hurt her, but he can't refuse the high school deskmate Xue who needs to talk. Now he wants to control his feelings with Xue. He wants to use his own efforts to restore the ten-year love with Qing and save his endangered home.

Xue struggled out of the relationship that died prematurely, arranged her schedule to be full, put aside many things for her restless heart, and let her daughter become all her sustenance. In addition to making delicious meals for her daughter according to the online recipes, she also took her to participate in various physical exercises beneficial to her physical and mental health, which not only helped her daughter, but also helped her get out of her deep and dance shoes  self reproach.

In the twinkling of an eye, in July, my daughter also had her summer vacation. That afternoon, Xue checked the information on the Internet, opened QQ and found that Min's QQ Avatar was bright. Xue's heart began to bang bang badly again. She hurried to send a line of words "you're coming" to min and Min said, "yes." Xue knocked out all the words she had kept in her heart for a long time and told Minqing that she had written to her, but she didn't reply. She was afraid that the inconsistency between what she said and what he said would embarrass him. Min said lightly, "she is in a bad mood. Don't mention it for the time being." Xue said, "I also live with my strings stretched every day. I am afraid that you will have problems. I am afraid that you will be overwhelmed by the pressure of your work and your feelings." Min said, "I have handled it." Xue said, "you don't have to worry about me. I don't know why I have changed so fast. I watch delicious food online every day and learn to be a good wife and mother." Min said, "well, bless you." Snow said, "I will always cherish you in my heart and never forget you." The people did not return, and their faces darkened. After this chat, the feelings that were about to disappear grew up in Xue's heart and tap dance shoes .

Xue stays in front of the computer every day, looking forward to the emergence of min, waiting for the furtive and passionate feelings, but min seems to have disappeared again. Xue doesn't dare to make phone calls or send messages. They only have QQ. Xue doesn't want to lose this feeling completely because she can't control it. Xue is waiting. She believes that the people will contact her because they used to be so ambiguous and long-lasting. Xue doesn't admit that their relationship is a betrayal of their family. She feels that their friendship is pure and sacred, and should not die prematurely.

All day long, one day a month later, after lunch, the picture that made snow haunt me flashed in the lower right corner of the computer screen. The snow started. Min said, "are you busy?" Snow replied, "not busy!" This is the first time min has taken the initiative to say hello to her. He is always so busy and has little time to go on QQ. Is it because he has encountered something annoying? Snow thought. After they chatted for a while, min told her that he had returned to work in Wuhan, and the family could finally get together, but he still went on business often. The snow said, "if the two feelings are long, will they be in the morning and evening?" Min said, "yes, I can understand!" Snow said, "I can understand." Xue said, "I dreamed of you every day for a while. I dreamed that you were in poor health..." this line passed by, but a line shocked Xue: "thank you for your concern for my husband. I am Qing. I found your QQ. Don't turn it off. Let's talk!" Snow stabilized her mood and said, "OK, talk!" No matter how many times Qing said something, she asked Xue, "they are all women and good wives. Why do you want to destroy other people's families?" Snow said: "sorry, this is not my intention." Qing's words became more and more harsh: "you said 'do you miss me?' you said 'he's coming'. That's behind your husband! Don't you think your behavior is also a betrayal of your family?" Xue doesn't want to explain: "you think you have let off steam, so just say it. I don't want to say too much." "Of course, bad things are getting darker and darker. I hate you!" Snow felt that she had been greatly insulted, but she tried to restrain herself. The elegant and virtuous woman had gone crazy. Xue said, "for this reason, we have no need to continue." Qing said, "good luck!" Snow said, "good luck, too!" Snow said: "please help him delete my QQ, I also delete his, we will never contact again." Qing said, "that's his freedom. I have no right to help him deal with it."

Snow really turned off QQ, not only deleted people's QQ, but also deleted all information related to people and cheap tap dance shoes . Her heart was greatly reproached. She just wanted to have a friendship higher than that of her classmates, but she didn't expect to be a third party, destroying other people's families, hurting a woman, and being insulted. Snow's conscience was deeply remorseful. She thought she could only block this budding relationship and bury the people in the deepest part of her heart. The person and cheap tap shoes who still brought her three years of high school memories 17 years later.

I don't know if it is in the throb of a moment, the wind has poured down with the rainstorm. The snow opened the window and felt a little cool. Out of the window, the figure who forgot to bring his rain gear and hurried to run and the picture composed of figures, far or near, gradually fainted towards different goals through the white rain curtain. Xue knows that when friendship encounters love, she can only choose to avoid it. In this unexpected short encounter between her and min, life peels off many illusory things and tap shoes!

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