When I am alone...

When a person is alone, being alone proves that I am alone. Every now and then, I will think of who - my sister. My little sister, especially for me and my family. She has been my follower since she was a child. When she was a child, she would follow me to the toilet, and until now she is still instructed by me, doing the work of serving tea and pouring water. All in all, it made me feel comfortable. But I often criticize her for being the same as me in everything, and she often says that I am not democratic. We are inseparable, we have a very good relationship. I always enjoy being alone, but my sister is afraid of being abandoned. As he got older, his dependence gradually disappeared from his face, and I also realized how important it is to have a small sidekick. Our separation a few days ago made for an interesting story. When I am alone... The two-day trip to Quebec was a beautiful and long trip. As a school report to hold an event, of course, I was the only one who went there. I said goodbye to my sister with all kinds of reluctance on my face, but there were countless things in my heart that cried out in unison. I truly feel liberated! Although it was only two days, it was enough for me to enjoy it for a while. Getting rid of a heavy burden that has been on my back for ten years makes me feel more relaxed than the stream and more relaxed than the blue sky. Sister, this super follower, I am afraid I will suffocate to death this time. I was so flattered, I was overwhelmed with pleasure—thank God! Thanks Buddha! Usually, in front of my sister, I am the boss shrouded in a halo. When my parents got up every morning, they held a "criticism meeting" to ask my sister to learn my various virtues. My sister has to admit these advantages of mine, but she is envious and hateful! ? Because in his eyes, I am a demon boss with stinky feet, whips, not paying wages, and bullying the working people. As soon as I get to my parents, I will deal with it properly and be a super boss! My sister doesn't agree, that's how the complaints came, why don't I? I also want to be happy and do whatever I want, but because of you, these years have been really tiring! It belongs to me, the two days without my sister are the perfect "liberation day"! But Shuangguishuang, Shuang also has to pay a price. Trouble follows. When I am alone, there is no one who can "pour tea and pour water" for me. Everything is done by myself, I need to find things by myself, clean up by myself... I feel really tired from the beginning to the end. Sure enough, I used to call my sister around for things like this. Now, after going through it myself, Suddenly I understand the difficulties of my sister. The younger sister actually performed well in this regard, and she was willing to give in to the disadvantage. Two days later, when I stepped out of the bus and saw my sister, I felt the joy of reunion. Although I spent the past two days with my friends, there was less joy and laughter and less quarrel. My two days seemed to be so lonely. My heart became very soft, even if I talked to my sister in a temper. Yes, she is still my sister. When I was alone, I lost my sister. Although the journey was good, I lacked company and fun. If not, I am her sister, she is my sister, I love her, she depends on me. Only by supporting each other can we grow in Japan.

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