When I said I loved you, you were gone

XX. Don't blame me for writing to you tonight. Will you be there in the new year? One inch of tender heart, ten thousand wisps of missing. The winter night is still so cold and desolate. I gently stroked the scarves around my neck that year, trying to find your residual breath, and my heart is a burst of sadness-

XX. Remember the first time we met? At a friend's birthday party, fate began here. I saw you wearing a white short sleeved T-shirt, dark blue jeans and long silk hair rising with the wind. You raised your head and stared at the deep sky. The sky was full of stars, as pure as you, attracted by you. I approached you silently, Without warning, he said, "can you tell me why you are so beautiful? Can we be friends? My name is XX."-

Such a start is like a cut corners idol drama, which makes me feel that the era of story imitating life has passed. In the future, we will all decide what to eat next by film and television-

Your eyes turned to me, tooted your mouth, and turned your eyes on me. "Old fashioned, do you know girls like this? I just don't want to be friends with you."-


The atmosphere at this time made me very embarrassed and stood there at a loss-

After a long time, you suddenly burst into laughter, which made me confused. I don't know why-

"I didn't expect you to be so stupid. Ha ha... I was joking with you just now. My name is XX."-

Well, I admit I was bluffed by you,

I gasped and laughed-

We were polite to each other. We began to have a heart to heart talk. They had a feeling that they were too late to know each other. They didn't bother to pay attention to the boring birthday party until the end of the party-

XX. I thought we were just two strangers in the vast crowd. We got together occasionally, pretended to know each other, talked more, and then quickly became strangers. You left and I right. That's true. After many days, who would remember the people who met so clearly? Just one day, I was waiting for the bus in front of a supermarket, and you patted me on the shoulder from behind me. I turned around and you smiled-

"Little old man, waiting for my date,"-

I couldn't come back for a while, stuttering and saying, "you, you..."

And I was greeted by your eyes. "What's the matter? You forgot me so soon."-

"No, no, how can I forget you? Even if I forget, no one will forget you." I said hurriedly-

"I knew you had a slippery mouth," you smiled. "I don't care. In order to make up for your mistake, I decided to give you a chance to invite me to dinner. I'm starving now.". You hold your belly in your hands and look at me with a look of false injustice and pity-

"Is that wrong?"-

"What I said is wrong." you are very reasonable-

By the way, why did you call me a little old man? And you tell me, looking at my back, I feel that I stand on the road with my body shrunk like a little old man Qu Shuo-

I am speechless-

After a meal, you gulp down a cup of hot tea, wipe your mouth with a paper towel, and then start your argument, "it's all your fault. If someone asks you to invite me to dinner, you can invite me. I'm so full that I don't want to move now."-

I've really been defeated by you. I can't laugh or cry, and you're satisfied enough-

When I came out of the restaurant, the moon had already appeared. The two shadows were stacked together, like a beautiful clip art. When I saw it, I deliberately slowed down my steps. I felt very good. At that time, my heart was rippling. I hoped that this pair of shadows would not disappear until the moonlight disappeared.

Since then, we have had frequent contacts. You have entered my life. During the rest time, you always like to take me shopping. I have no patience but to accompany you, follow behind you and act as your "Porter". Go to the movies with you, cry for the separation of the protagonists, and laugh for the nonsense.

XX. You still remember that you like to swing under the big banyan tree in the park. I always sit quietly on the steps next to the banyan tree and watch you draw a beautiful arc on the swing and in the sun. The branches curl up from the cracks of the banyan tree and become a cup of wine-

I've been with you for a long time. I don't know why, I had a heroine in my dream for the first time. I found that I also depended on you. I always felt empty without you. I asked myself whether I undeniably liked you. What about you-

One night, you sent a text message, "XX, are you free? Can you come out with me? Old place"-

After receiving the text message, I rushed over. Under the dim street lamp, you were alone, sitting on the small stone bench. I slowly approached and felt you crying. At that time, I was a little flustered. I didn't know why you were crying. All of a sudden, all this became a huge mystery, affecting my heart. I sat quietly beside you, keeping silent. I didn't know how to comfort you. I wanted to ask why you were so sad, but the words came to my mouth, It's the first time I've seen your sadness since I met you-

After a long time, you stopped crying, looked at me sadly, and said: "today is my birthday. Since I was sensible, I have been living alone. I really want them to accompany me, but they always say that they are busy..."-

This is the first time you have talked with me about family matters. It turns out that your parents are working in other places and come back occasionally several times a year. XX, I understand your feelings very well. It's not like that. It's even more painful than you. As early as a few years ago, both my parents died of illness. When I came here strong, I found that I was lonely. During new years and festivals, I longed for the company of my family, which is the extravagant hope of my life-

"XX, wait for me..." to wipe away the tears from your eyes, I left the bench-

I bought a small cake from the dim sum shop not far away and some fireworks from the shop. I opened the cake, lit a candle and said to you, "I will celebrate your birthday this year, and I will... Happy birthday, silly girl! Make a wish to blow the candle quickly.". In this way, I also lit the fireworks. The fireworks scattered colorful lights in the mid air. Under the quiet night sky, it broke the tranquility, showing extra romance, and you also smiled-

"You're unlucky. You're so kind to me. I'll depend on you all my life." you looked at me, and I leaned over and pinched your face. "Silly girl, what are you talking about?"-

You are shy, suddenly asked me: "XX, do you have a girlfriend?"-

Looking at you who can't wait to know the answer, I feel the heartbeat of my heart, "no".

"The devil believes that you are a big turnip at first sight, which can coax girls." you seem to be very satisfied with my answer and reply to the barbarism in the past-

"No, it's true."-

"The truth is often a big lie." you will not let it go. "But even if there is, I am not afraid. I am not afraid of this beautiful woman. I want to compete with her." you are arrogant in front of me-

"Silly girl, in fact, i... i... it's nothing." I still pressed my feelings back

You seem to be lost-

XX. In fact, I want to say "I love you" to you, but I dare not say these three words easily. It is not that I love you in my heart, but that these three words have to promise multiple responsibilities. We are just college students-

Or feel embarrassed, the two people looked at the endless night sky and stars, silent for a long time-

"XX, thank you for accompanying me on my birthday." you broke the atmosphere. "Valentine's Day is still a week away. Will you accompany me shopping that day?"-

No longer hesitated, I took your hand, looked at you, and said-

XX. If I still have a choice now, I would rather refuse you. Whenever I think of Valentine's day, the silent ups and downs of sadness, such as waves, hit me one after another-

A week later, on Valentine's day, there was a misty rain. I came to the place we had an appointment with. You arrived early. Today, you are even more beautiful. I walked over-

"Early?" Touch your hair-


"Happy Valentine's Day!"-

"All happy"-

"Why are you wearing so little?" You scolded me when you saw some thin clothes on me-

"A lot, boys are more resistant to cold." I entrusted the clothes room-

"I love to be brave." you pretend to be angry. Then you take off your scarf and want to wrap it around my neck-

"No, no, you're cold too." I hurriedly refused-

"Hurry up, or I'll be really angry." he said and helped me surround-

Looking at you like a lover, an inexplicable happiness is integrated into my heart-

"Let's go, let's find a place to eat." at this time, your hand is on my elbow.

However, I thought it was the coming of love, but I didn't think it was you who left me-

When we came to a coffee shop, I saw a peddler selling roses nearby. By the way, there seems to be something missing today-

"You wait for me here first" after that, I hurried to the place, and the tragedy happened. When I paid the money and took the roses from the peddler, there was a loud noise behind me. I heard your scream and looked back quickly. In a flash, I felt the world was turning upside down. At this time, you fell in front of a car. The ground was full of blood. Under the light, The bright red ones are more dazzling than the roses in my hands. I rushed to you and crazily knelt down and hugged you. "Don't do this, XX, don't be afraid... We'll go to the hospital right away, sobbing..." I suddenly cried for fear of losing you. From your eyes, in addition to the pain and despair, my heart is broken. You are desperately panting, "XX, no... no... don't be sad... You... Do you know...? in fact, I hate... You, hate you... No... yes... I said to... I love... You... These three... Words". Looking at your gradually closed eyes, I burst into tears wandering around the critical point, The cold night wind blew, and the suffocating air wrapped me, "ah... Why... Why did you leave me... XX, I'm sorry... I love you... I really love you..." on the noisy street, among the crowd of onlookers, my voice spread far, far-

I am about to finish writing. It is already two o'clock in the morning. I can't sleep and don't let my heart cry. But how can I face this sad fact? I regret why I didn't tell you my true feelings at the beginning-

I want to forget you, but I often wake up alone in the middle of the night and miss you for no reason, or I lose consciousness after great pain. Then I pick up your photo and deceive myself every time I am sad and say, "you are still alive, but you have gone to a distant place."-

Acquaintance is always so beautiful, parting, always can not afford, the most want to forget is the deepest memory, has been scarred-

XX. I hope we still have love in the afterlife-

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