When love has a happy ending

When love has a happy ending, there will be less regret and more satisfaction in life. When love died on the way and ended with pain, only the footprints and memories of love were left, engraved in each other's eternal memories, until later they gradually merged into the long river of time.

When I just stepped into the territory of love and began to vaguely like a person, my mother told me and my brother a story about my father one night, that is, father's love: the knot that my mother always holds in her heart.

My father and mother were children from childhood. My father entered the village primary school at the age of 17 after graduation. He is versatile. Four brothers and sisters can play, play, and sing. My father's erhu is very good. Every time there is a village meeting, my second aunt will play a song with my father's erhu. It can be said that when he was young, his father was a celebrity. Father and mother have only seen each other several times from afar, and never said a word face to face with mother. Mother is a woman who lives in misery. She has nine brothers and sisters. Mother is the eldest. Because there are many children at home, she went home to take her brothers and sisters when she was only in the first grade of primary school. Father has been opposed to his marriage since he became sensible. He told his grandmother many times that he would withdraw from marriage, but she refused. Grandma firmly opposed his withdrawal, saying that unless she died, she would withdraw. Grandma is the mother of a mother who loves growing up with grandpa. She and grandpa are daughters who grew up in a village. There are many children in the family and they are in poor health. Grandma didn't want to make the elder sister angry and sad, so she always insisted on her father's marriage. It is also because of this that father and mother have been unhappy and disharmonious in marriage for a lifetime. They have been living in different ways and accommodating each other for my brother and me for 41 years now in order to give us a seemingly sound family.

My father loved a girl very much when he was young. At that time, his father often went to the town for meetings. Grandma had a cousin in the town. She had a daughter who graduated from high school. The whole family opened a tailor shop in the town. My father went to town more often, and gradually fell in love with my aunt's daughter. The girl knew that her father had decided to be a child since childhood, so she refused her father's pursuit from the very beginning and kept a certain distance from her father. It was her father who had been persistent and never gave up on her. More than half a year later, my father's relationship with the girl has never progressed, and has always maintained the relationship between friends and relatives.

The girl's home is in the town. She doesn't have half an acre of good farmland. She buys everything at the market. When it was very cold in winter, their family did not have firewood to cook. They relied on burning coal, which was very expensive at that time. My father saw it and remembered it in his heart. In the early morning of a winter, my father carried a load of firewood on his way. It takes about an hour to walk from our home to the town. My father carries this load of firewood to the town. It's true that the so-called scholar is useless. The firewood of less than 100 jin was heavier and heavier on my father's shoulder. My father changed from left shoulder to right shoulder, and then from right shoulder to left shoulder. Gradually, my father's shoulder became red. Gradually, my father's shoulder peeled, but my father still insisted. The power of love is infinite. When her father put the firewood at the girl's door in the morning, the girl was completely moved by her father's behavior. She looked at her father's red, sweaty face, and her eyes turned red in an instant

In this way, the father won the girl's heart with his sincerity and true love, and they began to love in a real sense. At that time, the father went to the movies with the girl and played the erhu for the girl. Sometimes the father played the harmonica while the girl sang. They cooperated very well and felt very sweet and happy. The memory of that love followed my father for many years, and it was not until I grew up that my father gradually changed.

My father lived in sweetness, but my grandmother lived in anxiety. She prevented my father from going to the town several times, but my father still went. Grandma was very worried. The selfish grandma didn't want to destroy the kinship with her sister's family, let the villagers criticize her, or let her father become a modern Chen Shimei. She never thought about what a painful life would be like for her son once he left love and his beloved!

Grandma went to the matchmaker privately and agreed with him on his father's wedding date. What was fatal was that Grandma completely destroyed her father's hope and love dream: she secretly went to her sister's daughter, persuaded and begged the girl to give up her father. Later, no matter how the father went to find the girl's family or begged the girl's family, the girl did not appear in front of him. The father was very sad. He could not get rid of everything arranged by his stubborn grandmother, and finally accepted this unhappy and loveless marriage.

Later, in countless quarrels and disagreements between my father and my mother, my grandmother told me that she could never forget the way the girl cried in her arms, and she always remembered the girl's sad expression. Grandma said that now she felt that she was wrong, and that she had torn them apart and destroyed their happiness. She's sorry for her son! When Grandma said these words to me, I was only 15 years old that year, and I didn't understand anything. So at that time, I didn't really understand it. Now think about it, how regretful and painful grandma's heart was at that time!

As a daughter, I have no right to evaluate my father's love. Because, if there is no combination of father and mother, how can there be the arrival of my brother and me and what we have now? But there is no denying that the marriage between father and mother is really unhappy, and we have personally experienced and witnessed their unhappiness and pain. But for us, for the sake of this complete family and a responsibility, father and mother have still been entangled together for more than 40 years. From the initial pain of discord and quarreling to mutual tolerance and accommodation, how much pain and suffering have father and mother suffered in their hearts!

I vaguely remember that twenty-five years ago, my father met the lover he loved on his way home after finishing farm work. My father said a few words to her in a hurry, and then my mother came to interrupt me. When my mother came home, she was angry and lay in bed for an afternoon. At that time, when I was young and ignorant, I just felt that my mother was making trouble for no reason. But now I think, my mother just expressed her concern for her father in her own way and her inability to let go of her father in the past.

In the 1970s, when it was very popular to have a child relationship, my father refused many kind-hearted people to come and make matchmaking for me. He said that he did not want to see his children like him in the future. He did not have the right to choose happiness or the person he liked. The younger brother, however, was still engaged under his father's helplessness. Because his uncle was the matchmaker, his mother was embarrassed to refute his uncle's kindness, so she forced his father to agree to the marriage. Fortunately, when the younger brother was paralyzed at the age of 13 and asked the woman to withdraw, the woman agreed without a word and handled the matter kindly.

Because of the pain and lessons my father learned from his unhappy marriage, we all have the right to choose our other half under his extremely enlightened God. Although our life is far from happiness, we still want to thank my father. It is my father who gives us the initiative to choose our spouse and happiness, and my father who gives us the opportunity to yearn for and pursue happiness! Thank you father!

On Father's Day, I talked with my father and talked about happiness. My father asked me how I was doing now? Do you regret your choice? I asked my father: Dad, do you have any regrets about living with your mother for more than 40 years? The father said: Son, do you ask me if I have any regrets? There must be in my heart. But everything has been going on for decades, and you have already entered middle age, so just put your regrets in your heart. Now your mother and I are also old. As long as you are healthy and happy, there will be no much regret for me! After listening to my father's words, my eyes moistened

Father's love is a lifelong regret that he can only secretly put in his heart. It tells us that we should grasp happiness and cherish the people we love, because what we lose today is what many people can never have and desire.

What is happiness? It is to be able to work hand in hand with the people you love to face the twilight, life, old age, illness and death. Happiness is always plain, like water and tea, like the cool wind in June

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