When the campfire was lit, it was already dusk.

When the campfire was lit, it was already dusk.

At this time, I dragged my tired body and looked at the crimson clouds in the sky. There was a trace of sadness in the afterglow of the setting sun. Occasionally, one or two dark gray stars also floated in the endless sky. Looking at it, my thoughts turned into wisps of wind, blowing across my forehead and the night on the grassland.

It also reminds me of you, the biggest king in Lhasa, who is wandering.

Innocent love is everywhere in the world of mortals. Sitting alone in front of the Buddha, I can't get rid of those gentle entanglements. When I opened the poems I had written, it seemed that everything was under the moon, and Maggie Ami's face fell on my weak heart. At this time, the moon on Qinghai Lake is so bright, and the water is so clear, just like the place where we agreed to make vows in our first love. However, I don't know how far it is from Lhasa and how long it will be from you when I look at the Jiashi who are holding soldiers? I dare not guess, dare not expect, once again to see the street and you, perhaps here is the stranger I separated from you.

Buddha said that you can walk to heaven in three or two steps? I don't know if I am just like the person I wrote in the poem, hiding those secrets and skillfully finishing this life. But how? I can't walk, just like many people. At this moment, how I wish I could hear your voice and see your familiar appearance. I wonder if this little dream will become the biggest extravagance of my life?

They all say that I am a Buddha and I am the hope of Lhasa. However, the snow in Lhasa is in chaos, burying those thoughts that have nothing to do with Buddha into ancient legends, and there is no time worth pondering any more. The incense burning in my hand was bright and dark. I raised my head and looked at the curved moon on the east mountain top. It looked like your face. I remembered the shallow footprints you and I left on the snow. It seems that there is no prophecy between us. I really want to be an ordinary person, and learn from them to kneel down in front of the Buddha piously and silently make a wish to help each other; I want to learn from them sitting by the lake, holding their sweetheart's hand and saying secret things; I want to learn from them standing in front of the window, kissing you with beautiful hands and touching your fingertips. However, I am the Buddha in their eyes. Sitting in a high position has no right to daydream as an ordinary person.

What is Buddha? Is it true that if you give up, you have already turned around? Those so-called nihilistic things have become a shackle imposed on me. I dare not judge whether the so-called Buddha is right or wrong. I can only laugh at myself. I'm just an incompetent monk! I wonder what the outcome of this visit to the Central Plains will be? When I stepped out of the land of Lhasa, I could no longer see the endless snow mountains, and my body and soul seemed to have been forcibly dug out of something. However, I have to go. As a Buddha in their eyes, I have to go for everyone, for a time of peace in Tibet, and even for you. Is this Buddha's helplessness? Does this mean that if I don't go to hell, who will go to hell? Well, since I am the king in their eyes, I must fulfill a promise for them.

But who can let me fulfill my promise to you? At this time, I do not know what your mood will be, is complaining? Is it hatred? Is it sympathy? Or helpless? It is said that love is beautiful, just like the moon in sunny days and the snow in winter. But when we look up, we see a different blue sky. Remember, I haven't said goodbye to you yet. Maybe the next time we meet, we will be strangers, and we won't touch each other anymore. Perhaps, only after meeting a stranger, I can leave some faint feelings and unspeakable kindness in my dream. You don't know why. I'm afraid that the next life will forget the oath we promised together, the street we walked together, the time we spent together, and your beautiful face. I can only pray to the Buddha silently, hoping to meet you again in the next life, hoping that you and I are just ordinary people in the next life, and that the vows we promise will be dead.

At this moment, a cool wind blows around me. I don't know if it is your call? However, looking at the ripples on the surface of the quiet lake, I know what you are still missing. Several camel bells broke the silence of the night, and my mind always stayed there, where we first met.

At this time, I put my hands together and recited the Buddhist scriptures, silently thanking Buddha for meeting you in my life! Meet you in the most beautiful world of mortals!

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