Why do we need brothers

Luzhishen recognized Shi Jin as his brother when he saw him in Weizhou; In the vegetable garden of the daxiangguo temple, when he saw Lin Chong, Lin Chong also immediately wanted to become a brother to luzhishen. There are 108 people in the water margin (hereinafter referred to as "the Water Margin"), all of whom are fond of making friends with brothers with different surnames. This is quite different from the romance of the Three Kingdoms (hereinafter referred to as "the Three Kingdoms"), and each has its own interests.

The men in the Three Kingdoms, even if they were friends and brothers, became enemies and enemies while playing. The men in the outlaws of the marsh, even if they were originally enemies and enemies, became brothers and brothers who took good care of each other.

The men in the three kingdoms are enemies of each other. As long as they are heroes, both sides are competitors. The men in Outlaws of the marsh are brothers to each other. As long as they are heroes, they are cooperative friends.

The Three Kingdoms and the water margin embody the two most typical relationship modes between men. It is worth pointing out that when luzhishen made friends with Shi Jin, he was a tiha, while Shi Jin was just a 17-18-year-old unemployed youth. When Linchong proposed to become a brother with luzhishen, he was the leader of 800000 imperial guards. Luzhishen was just a vegetable head who managed a vegetable garden of more than ten acres. He was the lowest level deacon monk among the monks in the daxiangguo temple. Obviously, when they make friends, they do not consider each other's identity and status at all.

"Three Kingdoms" stresses interests, and "Water Margin" stresses righteousness; The Three Kingdoms stresses power and stratagem, and the water margin stresses morality. But they all have a problem. That is why the characters in the book are so keen to make friends with brothers with different surnames?

The answer is simple. It was an era when people's basic security could not be effectively guaranteed. Officials could persecute you, hooligans could bully you, and tyrants could fish for you.

Now we often say that we are protected by law, but in the era of Water Margin, when Lin Chong was persecuted, did the law protect him? When jincuilian's father and daughter were oppressed by zhenguanxi, did the law protect them? Did the law protect Liu Taigong and Miss Liu in Taohua villa when they were forced to marry by robbers? When the old monks of vatang temple were bullied by two villains, did the law protect them? In that era, where was the law? Where is the government?

Disobeying the law is a personal problem; It is a social problem not to believe in the law.

Why do so many heroes just believe in their own fists and swords? Because when the people were oppressed, the government disappeared, so they had to solve the problem themselves - protecting their rights by themselves.

Why were there so many gangs in feudal China? Later, most of the guild organizations have evolved into evil forces that endanger society and oppress people. However, at the beginning of their emergence, they were motivated by helpless people who formed alliances with each other to seek mutual protection!

This kind of situation where people's basic rights were not guaranteed was the same in the Three Kingdoms period. But the characters in the Three Kingdoms and the water margin are different.

The characters in the three kingdoms are all upper class people who manipulate the fate of others; The characters in water margin are all middle and lower class people whose fate is manipulated by others. So they have to be sworn to righteousness, so that they can have more strength. When they are persecuted, someone can help them.

In fact, there are also some examples of making friends in the Three Kingdoms. The typical example is the three friendship in Taoyuan. However, we have noticed that when Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were sworn in, they were just in the lower class. Later, Zhugeliang joined Liu Bei's group. Liu Bei and he had a close relationship, but they did not make friends. They could no longer be brothers, but only monarchs and ministers.

It can be seen that making brothers is generally the practice of lower class people, which is a spontaneous behavior caused by their lack of security.

When Linchong was rescued by luzhishen in the wild boar forest, luzhishen said the first sentence: brother! Luzhishen then told Linchong, "since I parted with you on the day you bought the knife, the SA family has been worried about you. Since you were sued, I have nowhere to save you. After hearing that you are out of Cangzhou, the SA family can't be found in front of Kaifeng mansion..."

When a big net of killing people covers you and makes you die step by step, there are also a pair of eager eyes that pay close attention to you, which comes from your brother. Unconsciously, he has become your patron saint.

Who lit a candle for Lin Chong when the world was dark? Who made a living for Lin Chong in the snare of heaven and earth? Who said "you" and "Sajia" one after another to let you know that you have been concerned and concerned by him? Even if the whole world gives up on you, he still holds you tight and refuses to let you fall

This is his Zhishen brother!

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