Why do you want to be a gangster?

Why do you want to be a gangster? The monk said to the mosquito, because five people together is a fist, and the strength will be stronger. The mosquito, who was lonely and had no friends since childhood, was moved by this sentence, just like a little star light lighting the dark road. Since then, friends and righteousness have been his shining faith. Five teenagers fight together, go whoring together, go through life and death together. They are five people with one heart. They love each other like brothers. Each other's business is their own business, and your hatred is also my hatred.

The young people thought that the future time would pass like this. They brought some waves in peace, but slowly stirred the friendship between the five people. Where did the hand of fate push them? We only know that there has never been anything unchangeable in this world. The tragedy is that it includes the feelings we have cherished for a lifetime.

The monk killed geta for revenge. Who can say he did wrong? Geta is the man who broke his father's hand, and he was also his brother who betrayed him in order to get the upper position. The underworld, or the world we live in, has never lacked those who betrayed you for the sake of interest, even those who you once regarded as brothers. However, some betrayed people choose to forgive, such as the monk's father; Some people choose revenge, such as geta's son, Zhilong. The son of geta, the eldest brother of the gang of five and the brother of the monk.

In the last scene, we must not forget that he stabbed the monk in the back. The monk turned around with an unbelievable expression and the gun in his hand. Finally, he didn't open it. The director said that the monk loved Zhilong, not friendship, but love. Whether you can see from his sentence "I did all this for you", at least he was beaten black and blue to protect Zhilong, and he did what he wanted to do but dared not do for Zhilong. But in the end, Zhilong didn't forgive him for killing his father.

If the monk was hurt by Zhilong's knife, it would be better to say that as spectators, we smiled and opened our hands to the monk when we saw the mosquitoes lying in a pool of blood, and we were shocked and heartbroken when he was not prevented from sneaking attack. Once brothers, one day they turned against each other and even used such means! The monk chose to believe in mosquitoes at the last moment. He believed that he was still his brother, but he died because of this belief. But if it is you, do you choose to believe it or not?

This may be the most difficult choice. If you choose not to trust your brother, you can certainly save your life. However, in the long years to come, will you regret that scene? Mosquito said, I am not a gangster, but a friend. If it is not for friendship, who would like to die for you? The so-called rights and interests are just passing clouds. Is it worth fighting for life and death? I'm afraid those who mix with the underworld are not only for power and money, but also for the feeling of being followed by their brothers.

In the movie, the mosquito once asked the gray wolf, the boss of foreign forces, if you were given another chance, would you protect my mother? The wolf said with ashes that there is no chance of a new life. Yes, so at the end of the film, when the police searched around for a man named mosquito, no one noticed that in the dark corner, the gray wolf crouched behind a car. The dark light made us unable to see the expression on his face. If someone asked him at this time, would you regret that you won the world but lost your own son? If you have the chance to do it again, would you like to do it again?

After winning the world, having power and money, but losing feelings, the rest is nothing more than a desolate pallor. It is better to bring happiness to our lives than to make friends with five teenagers when they first meet.

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